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Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespeople Share Their Secrets to Success

Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespeople Share Their Secrets to Success PDF

Author: Brandon Bornancin

Publisher: ‎ Brandon Bornancin


Publish Date: November 9, 2020

ISBN-10: 1952569346

Pages: 632

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

November 6, 2006. The New York Marathon. On this blistering, sticky day, Paul Tergat surged one last time, breaking the tape only one heartbeat before the defending champion, Hendrick Ramaala, fell across the finish line. After more than two hours of running, the 2006 New York City Marathon came down to a final sprint and a third of a second. One of the closest finishes in race history.

Now fast forward to today. You’re at work. After hours of emails, meetings, reports, reviews, sales calls, prospecting, personal responsibilities, and the daily problems to resolve, you sprint towards the end of another high intensity, fast-moving day. But what is presented to you next, is your defining moment.

You can call it quits. After all, you did your job. No one will question that. Or, you can push yourself. One last, not overly, time-consuming step; one last effort, one last point of reflection. And then, like that, your next sale was a direct result of that final effort which moved the sale over the finish line. You won.

These are the one-percenters. And this book is about learning what they do so you can become one yourself and part of this exclusive group of Quota Crushers.

In Sales Secrets, serial entrepreneur and founder of Seamless.AI Brandon Bornancin has diligently and deliberately mined the worldwide sales leadership community of thought leaders to unearth diamonds of universally applicable, superior sales wisdom and strategies shared by the talented and visionary thought leaders included in this book from experts like Gary Vaynerchuck, Jordan Belfort, Ryan Serhant, Jeffrey Gitomer and more.

When talking to Brandon about this book and why he was compelled to write it, Brandon realized, “Great salespeople don’t always do different things. They just do things differently. And this was something my team personally needed to identify and implement to prove its validity, which we did.”

Brandon shares these same strategies in this brilliant compilation of sales wisdom from hundreds of unique, pioneering sales leaders.

While counterintuitive, Sales Secrets (which features the top 1% in sales) isn’t about being #1 or winning the race. It’s about being your #1, your best, to win your race, and achieve your sales goals. And when you open yourself up to the strategies outlined in this book, breakthroughs will occur, as your superpowers will be revealed.

My name is Brandon Bornancin, and everything I’ve accomplished from selling over $100M in sales for Google & IBM to launching multiple 8-figure companies from the ground up has been achieved one of two ways:

  1. Trial and error
  2. Reading and executing

One of these ways I’ve learned will multiply your success, while the other can minimize it.

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

When my father worked tirelessly to help our family go from rags to riches in sales, he did it all by trial and error.

I modeled his approach in several areas of my life, including the first seven-figure adtech company I started at age 18 for the online gambling industry. That’s when the craziest journey of my life started all because of Texas Hold ‘Em.

I was gearing up to go to college and Texas Hold ‘Em was hitting the U.S. by storm, and I was obsessed with it. I wanted to make millions becoming an expert at online poker and I thought if I simply played a lot, eventually, I would make a ton of money.

Boy was I wrong. Months of playing online poker went by and I was stuck in the same vicious cycle… winning some but losing more than anything. When I would lose, the losses were devastating and I would lose it all.

All of my hard-earned money from my endless workweeks would disappear in a nanosecond. As a high school kid at the time making only $7-10 an hour, those hits really added up and destroyed not only my bank account but my morale too!

After each loss at the tables, I kept asking myself, “Is this really the best way to do this?”

I felt like I was going insane. I knew there had to be a smarter way to get better at playing online poker besides trial and error, losing everything I owned.

I even remember asking all my friends, what is the secret to making a lot of money playing poker? How do I maximize my gains and cut my losses?

They all said the same thing… “You have to play a lot of online poker and eventually you’ll get better.”

I just didn’t buy it. I couldn’t believe this was the only way to achieve success.

Fast forward a month later, I was lucky enough to watch a Tony Robbins online seminar and I decided to attend because I was looking for the keys to become a success in life.

Little did I know that one speech would change my life forever.

I remember Tony’s speech like it was yesterday where he was screaming out loud, “If you want to achieve success, all you have to do is model those who have achieved success!”

That’s when I had the big epiphany.

My friends always told me that if I wanted to become great at online poker, all I have to do is play as much as possible. After hearing Tony speak, I realized that trying to become successful at anything by trial and error was a fool’s game, and my friends were all WRONG!!!

After watching that training, I knew exactly what I needed to do. All I needed to do was find the top Texas Hold ‘Em players and model everything they do.

When I got out of the Tony Robbins training, I started researching all the top poker players such as Phil Gordon, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Mike Caro, David Sklansky, Jared Tendler, Alton Hardin, and many others. Throughout my research, I noticed they all published various poker books.

That’s when my second epiphany hit me.

All of these experts in Texas Hold ‘Em spent decades becoming masters of their craft, then spent years documenting their expertise in their books. Now all I have to do is spend $20 to buy it, read it, and get all the cheat codes?

Are you kidding me?!?

I would’ve paid $100,000 to meet with Doyle Brunson, Phil Gordon, or Daniel Negreanu and get 1-on-1 coaching, yet, here we are, with a $20 book that documents everything they know about making millions playing poker.

After buying Doyle Brunson’s book, I went all-in to master everything he was teaching. I started reading, writing, documenting, taking notes, and learning all the different poker strategies. I created notecards, odds sheets, betting systems, seat placement charts, audio recordings, word documents, you name it. By the time I was done with the book, the whole thing was highlighted in yellow and completely marked up.

I was ready to hit the tables with a new perspective and the next time I played Texas Hold ‘Em, instead of losing a few hundred dollars that night, I went home making the most I ever made in a session, over $750.

That’s when I realized that knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have, the more money you can make.

I immediately went and bought ten more books on how to master playing Texas Hold ‘Em from all the different poker experts.

After studying for weeks and reading everything I could find, I finally went back to the tables and made my biggest trophy yet, over $10,000 in one day!

That’s when it really hit me. Tony Robbins was exactly right.

“If you want to achieve success, all you have to do is model the people who have already achieved success.”

You just have to buy the books, courses, and training from these experts and learn everything you can from them. Then go and execute what they teach you!

Anything you want to achieve, you just have to learn from and model the experts!

After consistently winning multiple poker games, I realized there was a bigger opportunity than simply playing poker.

After becoming a successful poker player, I decided to build an advertising technology company for the gambling industry, and it ended up generating millions in sales every year.

Fast forward to a few years into my entrepreneurship career, the gambling industry crashed, I launched a second company called EnMobile that failed, losing millions, and I had to quit entrepreneurship for the time being and go all-in on taking a career in sales.

When I started full-time in sales, I realized the best way to maximize my success is to study and model what the most successful salespeople do every day.

I went to Barnes and Noble and Borders Books at the time (Amazon just launched and didn’t have many books at the time) and I bought every possible sales book in the store.

From Zig Ziglar, to Brian Tracy, Jill Konrath, Tom Hopkins, and more. I bought all the books and started reading, studying, and taking as many notes as possible.

As I became obsessed with learning, I progressed in my sales career and my sales income increased with it.

Year-after-year I continued to double my income.

The more knowledge I gained, the more money I made in sales. It was almost an instant domino effect.

When I became a millionaire again selling for IBM & Google, it was because of two reasons:

  1. I had the sales lists of everyone I needed to sell to (From building Seamless.AI).
  2. I had all the sales knowledge to sell to the list.

It took me hundreds of sales books and nearly a decade of endless research.

I remember sitting in my office one night with stacks and stacks of books, thinking to myself, “I wish there was just one book that summarized all the sales secrets from the world’s top sales experts.”

After scouring hundreds of google searches, websites, book stores, I couldn’t find a single book compiling all the world’s top salespeople and their #1 secret to success.

It was at that moment I decided I needed to step up and write this book to help others accomplish the same results I did but in one-tenth of the time.

That’s when I told myself “You know what, I’m going to interview the world’s top salespeople and write this book myself.”

Over the last two years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of world-class top sales performers for my book, Sales Secrets.

The guests range from entrepreneurial icons like Jordan Belfort (aka the Wolf of Wallstreet), Gary Vaynerchuck, and Ryan Serhant, to sales legends like Tom Bilyeau, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Trish Bertuzzi.

For many of my guests, it’s their first time agreeing to speak in a one to two hour interview. This unique perspective helped make Sales Secrets one of the greatest sales books and podcasts of all time.

This book contains the top sales secrets, strategies, tools, and tactics you won’t find anywhere else. It also includes secrets from previous guests and life lessons from new ones that you may have never met before.

What makes the book different is my obsession to uncover the sales secrets that you can put into action right away to increase your results. If I can’t test something and see the results for myself, I’m not interested in it.

Everything in this book has been tested and applied to my own sales process to validate the concepts. I’ve used hundreds of the strategies and tactical advice documented in this book and applied it throughout our sales process, such as prospecting, pitching, high-stakes negotiations, fundraising, recruiting, multi-million dollar business deals, and across both large and small sales opportunities of all sizes.

I created this book to share with you all of the secrets to sales from world-class salespeople who have been there and done it.

The lessons I’ve learned have made me millions and saved me years of wasted time, money, effort, and frustration.

This book has changed my life, and I hope it does the same for you.


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Epub October 2, 2021

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