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Safety Management: A Comprehensive Approach to Developing a Sustainable System


Author: Chitram Lutchman , Rohanie Maharaj

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: March 5, 2012

ISBN-10: 1439862613

Pages: 500

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The corporate world has undergone much change in recent years. Society’s heightened expectations and increased scrutiny that require companies to conduct safe and environmentally responsible operations have much more impact on a company’s financial bottom line and license to operate than ever before. In today’s business environment, a book like this is needed more than ever. I am struck by the comprehensive nature of this book that serves as an encyclopedia to identify and define many of the key and critical concepts to effect significant safety improvements in the operating work environment. I am impressed by the historical compendium of information as well as the various charts and templates provided that can be directly used and applied to improve any company’s safety program and performance.

The book has an exceptional chapter on leadership, which is the foundation and true driver for safe operation. The reality is that many of those in leadership positions from supervisors to CEOs continue to underestimate the quantity and quality of their safety communications and direct leadership necessary to guide their organizations through an ever-changing business landscape that is becoming less and less tolerant to accidents and injuries.

This book is written for the serious student, safety professional, business leader, and executive who have a passion to learn the inner secrets of how businesses create a safe operation in their industry. Although this is written from an oil and gas business perspective for the most part, the principles and concepts can be applied to any business or facility operation.
I believe the tools, concepts, and insights in this book will provide readers and leaders seeking answers and direction with the inspiration to drive world-class results into their organizations and inspire others to value their safety and the safety of their workforce above all else.
Bob Batch
President, Operations Executive Advisors LLC

This book provides many recommendations and practical solutions for improving health and safety in the workplace. The authors recognize and sell workplace health and safety as essential for sustained long-term profitability of all organizations, regardless of the industry in which they operate. The authors also emphasize the values derived from the following sustained improvements in workplace health and safety:

1. Business environment trends—an understanding helps to guide our approaches to managing health and safety in the workplace
2. Safety management system (SMS)—a must
3. Process safety management (PSM)—must be integrated into business practices
4. Leadership commitment and shared learning in health and safety
5. Contractor safety management—must be leveraged to generate real improvements in workplace safety
6. Gaps in organizational SMS—proactively identified and addressed by using audits as a collaborative process

Although the information provided in this book is neither new nor groundbreaking, compiling this wealth of knowledge into a single book provides organizations, safety professionals, and teaching and educational institutions a holistic approach to upgrading the way in which health and safety are managed in the workplace.

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