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RSPB Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe 5th Edition

RSPB Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe 5th Edition PDF

Author: Dorling Kindersley

Publisher: DK


Publish Date: January 6, 2022

ISBN-10: 0241515491

Pages: 224

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

How this book works
This guide covers the 327 most commonly seen bird species in Europe. These are divided into six easily recognized groups: Passerines, Gamebirds and other non-passerines, Wading birds, Waterfowl, Seabirds, and Owls and Birds of Prey. Within each group, the birds are arranged broadly by family, so that similar looking species appear together for ease of comparison, and generally in ascending order of size, so the smallest birds are at the beginning of a section and the largest at the end.
Each of the six groups opens with an introductory page describing the group’s shared characteristics. Photographs of representative species show the diversity in the group.
Species that exhibit greater or more complex plumage variations are generally given a full-page.
Describes striking or unique physical features or habits that will help identify a bird
The typical page describes two bird species. Each entry follows the same easy-to-access structure. All have one or more photographs of the species, all taken in the bird’s natural setting in the wild; these are supported by artworks showing the bird in flight. Annotations, scale artworks, and a set of simple symbols add key information. GROUP NAMEVARIATIONS
These tinted boxes show plumage variations relating to sex, age (juvenile, various immature stages, or adult), and season. The annotation emphasizes the main differences from the bird in the main image. This box may also show a subspecies, labelled with its scientific name.
Describes the various habitats in which you are likely to see the bird.
Illustratesthe bird in different views or plumage variations. The characteristic features of the species and differences between it and very similar species are annotated. Unless symbols indicate otherwise, the bird shown is an adult.

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