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Raven Biology of Plants (Loose-Leaf) 8th Edition


Author: Ray F. Evert, Susan E. Eichhorn

Publisher: W. H. Freeman


Publish Date: March 9, 2012

ISBN-10: 1464117802

Pages: 880

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

As we approached this revision of Biology of Plants, we recognized that extensive work would be needed to address the advances that have been made in all areas of plant biology. From new molecular details about photosynthesis to the vast differences in taxonomic relationships that have been revealed by comparison of DNA and RNA sequences, to advances in genomics and genetic engineering to an enhanced understanding of the anatomy and physiology of plants, there have been exciting developments in the field. This current edition of Biology of Plants has undergone the most significant revision in its history, with every topic scrutinized and, where necessary, revised and updated.

While covering these advances, we have strengthened the narrative by expanding and clarifying discussions; carefully defining new terms; and adding new diagrams, photos, and electron micrographs. Each chapter now begins with an attractive photograph and informative caption that relates to the chapter content but in a tangential way that often touches on an environmental topic.

With each revision, we continue to pay special attention to the book’s interlocking themes: (1) the functioning plant body as the dynamic result of processes mediated by biochemical interactions; (2) evolutionary relationships as valuable for understanding form and function in organisms; (3) ecology as an integrated theme that pervades the book and emphasizes our dependence on plants to sustain all life on Earth; and (4) molecular research as essential for revealing details about plant genetics, cellular function, and taxonomic relationships.

Changes Reflecting Major Recent Advances in Plant Science

Every chapter has been carefully revised and updated, most notably:

Chapter 7 (Photosynthesis, Light, and Life)—presents an expanded discussion of light reactions, including an updated diagram on the transfer of electrons and protons during photosynthesis; new essay on “Global Warming: The Future Is Now”

Chapter 9 (The Chemistry of Heredity and Gene Expression)—incorporates histone acetylation, DNA methylation, epigenesis, and noncoding RNAs

Chapter 10 (Recombinant DNA Technology, Plant Biotechnology, and Genomics)—updates material on the impact of new molecular methods for studying plants, resulting in the development of golden rice, as well as plants that are resistant to herbicides, pesticides, and diseases

Chapter 11 (The Process of Evolution)—covers recombination speciation (speciation not involving polyploidy) and includes two new essays on “Invasive Plants” and “Adaptive Radiation in Hawaiian Lobeliads”

Chapter 12 (Systematics: The Science of Biological Diversity)—presents an expanded discussion of the chloroplast as the main source of plant DNA sequence data and introduces DNA barcoding and supergroups; new essay on “Google Earth: A Tool for Discovering and Protecting Biodiversity”

Chapter 14 (Fungi)—reorganized and updated with the latest classifications; includes nucleariids and the phyla Microsporidia and Glomeromycota, as well as a new phylogenetic tree of the fungi

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