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Radio’s Greatest of All Time

Radio’s Greatest of All Time PDF

Author: Rush Limbaugh

Publisher: Threshold Editions


Publish Date: October 25, 2022

ISBN-10: 1668001845

Pages: 512

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

I know so many of you are deeply missing your friend on the radio, the unwavering, optimistic voice of Rush. There are no words to fill the void—he is simply irreplaceable. However, I hope this look back at Rush’s extraordinary life will make you smile, remembering the special moments you shared. Rush loved this country—and you, his wonderful audience—with all of his heart. He lived the American Dream and wanted us all to know it is never time to panic. No matter what challenges we face, our best days are always ahead.

Rush was the definition of courage and kindness. Despite his profound success, he always remained humble, never considering himself to be the incredible man that he was. One of the blessings that came after enduring a terrible diagnosis was that Rush was able to hear how important he was to so many and about the tremendous positive impact he had on our country.

A few years ago, when we began this book together, Rush thought it would be an overwhelming task to select individual transcripts from countless words said on and off the air. He would say with a memorable grin, “After all, they are all pearls of wisdom, right?”

Once Rush began to reflect on his life, the memories flowed naturally, and he enjoyed the process very much. He had the most amazing mind that could recollect details from even the earliest days of his career brilliantly.

As Rush told stories, often during treatments or at home in the library, we would take advantage of his love of technology and record his reflections on his iPhone. No matter what was happening around us, Rush was always a broadcaster at heart. The moment the Record button was pressed, he would speak flawlessly, just as if he were behind the Golden Microphone.

On these pages, inspired by our conversations, you will find a collection of Rush’s timeless words from more than thirty years on the radio.

RUSH REFLECTS ON EARLY YEARS IN RADIO Personal Recording in the Hospital with Kathryn, January 12, 2021

So, I just had this doughnut you brought me for my birthday. It reminded me of my first job in radio. This was 1966, what they called internships. It wasn’t on the air—I didn’t have a show. I just had a guy who worked there quote-unquote take me under his wing and show me the ropes—how it works, how to run the control board and all that stuff.

And he would pick me up every morning at home. And the first thing—this is around five o’clock in the morning—we’d stop by the doughnut shop and get a gigantic box of assorted doughnuts. This was not a chain, there was no Dunkin’ Donuts or any other shop—this was 1966. It was just a guy and his wife, they had a doughnut shop, and I don’t know what time they had to get there, because the doughnuts when we got there at five o’clock were ready. You could see them being made—it was the first time I knew doughnuts were actually fried. I had no idea they were fried.

The job was to get them and take them back to the radio station and have them there for the rest of the day for anybody who wanted doughnuts. The guy at the doughnut shop knew us and got to know me after one or two trips. That one doughnut reminded me. I don’t think I’ve ever recounted that aspect of my early radio days to anybody…

Then when we got back to the radio station, the first hour we sign on—we were off overnight, on air sunrise to sunset… the first thing was an hour’s worth of country music from the Grand Ole Opry.… I sat there and watched it and made sure the record didn’t skip.… I was fifteen.

So, the summer of 1966 I show up every morning to be trained being a deejay and keeping the radio station on the air—meaning if the transmitter goes kerplunk or whatever.

I fell in love with it, and I stayed at the radio station as often as I could. I learned and absorbed everything that I could. Everybody there was at least five or six years older than I was.

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