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Quantum Physics For Beginners: The Best Guide To Discover And Understand The Most Interesting Concepts

Quantum Physics For Beginners: The Best Guide To Discover And Understand The Most Interesting Concepts PDF


Publisher: Wonder Future Ltd


Publish Date: February 10, 2021

ISBN-10: 1914029348

Pages: 94

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Quantum physics is the method in which molecules work and how science and scientists work out how they work. We as a whole, move to the quantum tune and all work in the same way. If you need to clarify how electrons travel through a PC chip, how light photons in a sunlight based board are changed over into power or intensified into a laser, or how the sun keeps on consuming, you need to use quantum physics.
To see how things work in reality, quantum mechanics should be combined with different components of material science – particularly Albert Einstein’s specific theory of relativity, which clarifies what happens when things move rapidly – to what makes quantum field speculations,
Three unique methodologies about quantum fields manage three of the four crucial powers with which matter cooperates: electromagnetism, which clarifies how iotas hold together; the reliable nuclear power that defines the stability of the nucleus in the heart of the atom; and the weak atomic power that explains why some atoms decay radioactively.
Over the past five decades, these three theories have been merged into a dilapidated coalition known as the ‘standard model’ of particle physics. Despite the impression that this model is held together with tape, it is the most thoroughly tested picture of the essential work of matter that has ever been developed.
Conventional quantum field theories well describe the results of experiments with high-energy particle destroyers, such as CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, in which the Higgs was discovered, examine the matter on a microscopic scale. However, if you want to understand how things work in less stressful situations, how electrons move for example, or don’t travel through a strong material, making a material a metal, a protector, or a semiconductor, for instance, things get much more confused.
However, all these practical problems hide a huge quantum secret. Quantum physics predicts surprising things about how matter functions that are inconsistent with how things appear to function in reality. Quantum particles can act like particles that stay still. Or they can act as waves that are distributed in space or at several points at the same time.
But that’s not all; even quantum particles seem to be able to influence each other immediately, even if they are far apart. This truly passionate phenomenon is known as entanglement or, as Einstein (a great critic of quantum theory) has said, ‘distant spectral action.’ Such quantum forces are entirely foreign to us, but they form the basis for new technologies such as high-security quantum cryptography and high-performance quantum computing.
In all of this, there are several elephants in the room. First of all, there is a fourth fundamental force of nature that quantum theory has so far, not been able to explain. Decades of intensive research to put gravity under the umbrella of the quantum and thus to explain all of the basic physics within a ‘theory of everything’ have failed.
Meanwhile, cosmological measurements show that over 95 percent of the universe consists of dark matter and dark energy, for which we currently have no explanation in the standard model, and dilemmas such as the expansion of the role of quantum physics in the disordered mechanisms of life remain unexplainable. The world is at a certain quantum level, but if quantum physics is the last word in the world, it remains an open question.
Quantum Physics – The Localization of Manifestation
Quantum physicists speak of electrons or events that are potential rather than real physical units. So there are several potentials until someone looks, and then forces the universe to make a decision, so to speak, a determination as to which potential to locate and update. All existence is an unlimited quantum field of energy, a sea of ​ infinite possibilities that are all waiting to happen!
The mind creates and controls reality. Here’s how the law of attraction works. We get what we focus on most of the time. The viewer creates reality by merely observing.
The mind, regardless of the structure, contains images. And every image that is held firmly in someone’s brain in any form, must come out.
Whenever the mind forms a mental image or an image of anything, it becomes ‘one’ with the infinite universal consciousness, and the developed image is then outsourced to the physical world as a single space-time event. For an image to manifest itself, however, there must be no other contradictory thoughts to abolish the power of manifestation of the image contained in mind.
Another property of the quanta is that they are multidimensional. You are now scientifically seeing that our universe is multifaceted, even though our senses understand length, width, height and time as the only dimensions. However, our souls are multidimensional. Listen to your soul and your feelings.
The physical world is comprised of thoughts and vitality. Many quantum physicists, including Einstein, have shown that all physical matter is made up of energy packets that are not related to space and time.
This energy field has no precisely defined limits. The universe is vast, timeless and limitless. Science has also shown that the mind has no limits. All thoughts are ‘connected’ to a field of spiritual energy. You are taller and much more powerful than you think.
Whatever you want, you already have everything. It has been said that it will be given to you before asking. Science is slowly dealing with quantum physics to prove that this is scientifically true. The infinite intelligence of formless substance, the possibility at the quantum level, and our ability to influence this field give us the experience of ‘having everything.’
You already have all the riches beyond your wildest dreams. We are now starting to find out on a larger scale, both scientifically and spiritually. You have it. Maybe you’re not experiencing it right now, but you could if you believe that you do.
Having and experiencing are two different things. An easy way to explain it is that you can climb Everest or paraglide, but you may not have experienced alls aspects of your abilities. All you have to do is try and you’ll be able to do it.
The quantum field can create an infinite number of structures, forms and experiences and has already done so. The words that you’re reading are also structures already created. The next thought you have will also be one of these things.
But did you ever expect that you would experience these words on these pages? Your desire to find such words made them appear in your hands. They have always existed. But out of the passion that you and many others like you sent to the universe, I was inspired to give you these answers!
It is not necessary to predict exactly how things will develop. All you have to do is desire, understand and know that it is possible and will be arranged to come to you.
In our life, we simply move our consciousness to experience aspects of ourselves that we have always had, in a universe that has everything we could wish for. Even what we do not imagine exists.
This seems to have been done by ‘cutting the whole’ into at least two halves, with one half conditioned to see and the other also to see. Who is conditioned to understand is, therefore, under the illusion of separation, from what is conditioned to see? It is a necessary illusion. But, in reality everything is ‘one’.
Sir Isaac Newton thought of nature as a machine that describes the pricing laws that govern the operation of this machine. We had to dig deep into the heart of the atom when it was discovered in 1890. The world inside the nucleus, which was coined in ancient Greece, means ‘indivisible unity,’ helped us to discover radioactivity, and it showed how the atom was divisible. Everything is energy. We all know this term: E = mc2. This energy corresponds to the mass for the speed of light squared.
We have found that energy and matter are connected, which can be converted back and forth. We use a study called quantum physics as a study of how the world works on the smallest scales at a much lower level than the atom. There are various elusive small energy packets that physicists call quantum.
Everything is energy, be it a rock, a planet or a glass of water, and everything that can be touched and has a taste or smell. All things are made up of molecules, made up of atoms combined with protons, electrons and neutrons that create this vibrating energy package.
Table of Content
-Quantum Physics – The Localization Of Manifestation              
Chapter 1. Dawn of Quantum              
-Wave-Particle Duality              
-The Wave Function              
Chapter 2. Particles, Waves, and Lights              
-Energetic components and forces              
-Tao Te Ching              
-Space-time compression and expansion              
-Energetic and geometric composition of particles              
Chapter 3. The Birth of the First Quantum              
-The Ultraviolet Catastrophe              
Chapter 4. The First Quantum Concept              
Chapter 5. Max Planck the Father of Quantum Theory              
-The Schrödinger equation              
Chapter 6. How Planck Developed the New Concepts in Physics?              
Chapter 7. Einstein’s Relativity              
-The Equivalence Principle              
-The Problem of Inertial Forces              
-Relativity of Gravity              
Chapter 8. The Law of Attraction              
Chapter 9. Causality in Quantum Physics              
-Schrödinger’s Cat              
-EPR Paradox              
-The Many Worlds Interpretatio n              
Chapter 10. Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity Incompatibility              
-Einstein’s Explanation vs Quantum Mechanics              
-Why Do We Accept Quantum Mechanics?              

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Epub September 2, 2021

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