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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 6th Edition


Author: Sheila L. Videbeck

Publisher: LWW


Publish Date: September 30, 2013

ISBN-10: 1451187890

Pages: 544

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The sixth edition of Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing maintains a strong student focus, presenting sound nursing theory, therapeutic modalities, and clinical applications across the treatment continuum. The chapters are short, and the writing style is direct in order to facilitate reading comprehension and student learning.

This text uses the nursing process framework and emphasizes assessment, therapeutic communication, neurobiologic theory, and pharmacology throughout. Interventions focus on all aspects of client care, including communication, client and family education, and community resources, as well as their practical application in various clinical settings.

This new edition is supported with an ancillary package designed to assist instructors with course planning and execution, and student evaluation, and to assist students with comprehensive knowledge synthesis.


Unit 1: Current Theories and Practice provides a strong foundation for students. It addresses current issues in psychiatric nursing as well as the many treatment settings in which nurses encounter clients. It thoroughly discusses neurobiologic theories, psychopharmacology, and psychosocial theories and therapy as a basis for understanding mental illness and its treatment.

Unit 2: Building the Nurse–Client Relationship presents the basic elements essential to the practice of mental health nursing. Chapters on therapeutic relationships and therapeutic communication prepare students to begin working with clients both in mental health settings and in all other areas of nursing practice. The chapter on the client’s response to illness provides a framework for understanding the individual client. An entire chapter is devoted to assessment, emphasizing its importance in nursing.

Unit 3: Current Social and Emotional Concerns covers topics that are not exclusive to mental health settings. These include legal and ethical issues; anger, aggression, and hostility; abuse and violence; and grief and loss. Nurses in all practice settings find themselves confronted with issues related to these topics. Additionally, many legal and ethical concerns are interwoven with issues of violence and loss.

Unit 4: Nursing Practice for Psychiatric Disorders covers all the major categories of mental disorders. This unit has been reorganized to reflect current concepts in mental disorders. New chapters include Trauma and stressor-related disorders; OCD and related disorders; Somatic symptom disorders;Disruptive disorders; and Neurodevelopmental disorders. Each chapter provides current information on etiology, onset and clinical course, treatment, and nursing care. The chapters are compatible for use with any medical classification system for mental disorders.


Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing incorporates several pedagogical features designed to facilitate student learning:

• Learning Objectives focus the students’ reading and study.
• Key Terms identify new terms used in the chapter. Each term is identified in bold and defined in the text.
• Application of the Nursing Process sections use the assessment framework presented in Chapter 8, so students can compare and contrast various disorders more easily.
• Critical Thinking Questions stimulate students’ thinking about current dilemmas and issues in mental health.
• Key Points summarize chapter content to reinforce important concepts.
• Chapter Study Guides provide workbook-style questions for students to test their knowledge and understanding of each chapter.

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