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Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment 5th Edition

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment 5th Edition PDF

Author: Linda A. LaCharity PhD RN

Publisher: Elsevier


Publish Date: May 31, 2021

ISBN-10: 0323683169

Pages: 416

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX-RN® Examination has evolved since its first edition from a medical-surgical nursing–focused test preparation workbook to a resource that spans general nursing knowledge while emphasizing management of care to assist students in preparing for the NCLEX® Examination. Our fifth edition includes many examples of new question types that will be included in the forthcoming Next-Generation NCLEX® Examination (NGN). A second and equally important purpose of the book continues to be assisting students, novice nurses, and seasoned nurses in applying concepts of prioritization, delegation, and assignment to nursing practice in today’s patient care settings.

To Faculty and Other Users

Patient care acuity continues to be higher than ever with the essential added care of COVID-19 patients, while staffing shortages remain very real. Nurses must use all available patient care personnel and resources competently and efficiently and be familiar with variations in state laws governing the practice of nursing, as well as differences in scopes of practice and facility-specific job descriptions. Nurses must also be aware of the different skill and experience levels of the health care professionals with whom they work on a daily basis. Which nursing actions can be assigned to an experienced versus a new graduate RN or LPN/LVN? What forms of patient care can the nurse delegate to assistive personnel (AP)? Who should help the postoperative patient who has had a total hip replacement get out of bed and ambulate to the bathroom? Can the nurse ask APs such as nursing assistants to check a patient’s oxygen saturation using pulse oximetry or check a diabetic patient’s glucose level? What reporting parameters should the nurse give to an LPN/LVN who is monitoring a patient after cardiac catheterization or to the AP checking patients’ vital signs? What patient care interventions and actions should not be delegated by the nurse? The answers to these and many other questions should be much clearer after completion of the exercises in this book.

Exercises in this book range from simple to complex and use various patient care scenarios. The purpose of the chapters and case studies is to encourage the student or new graduate nurse to conceptualize using the skills of prioritization, delegation, and assignment, as well as supervision in many different settings. Our goal is to make these concepts tangible to our readers.
The questions are written in NCLEX® Examination formats, including new NGN styles to help faculty as they teach student nurses how to prepare for licensure examination. The chapters and case studies focus on real and hypothetical patient care situations to challenge nurses and nursing students to develop the skills necessary to apply these concepts in practice. The exercises are also useful to nurse educators as they discuss, teach, and test their students and nurses for understanding and application of these concepts in nursing programs, examination preparations, and facility orientations. Correct answers, along with in-depth rationales, are provided at the end of each chapter and case study to facilitate the learning process, along with the focus/foci for each item. The faculty exercise keys include QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) categories, concepts, and cognitive levels for each question, as well as IPEC (Interprofessional Education Collaborative) competencies where appropriate.

To Students

Prioritization, delegation, and assignment are essential concepts and skills for nursing practice. Our students and graduate nurses have repeatedly told us of their difficulties with the application of these principles when taking program exit and licensure examinations. Nurse managers have told us many times that novice nurses and even some experienced nurses lack the expertise to effectively and safely practice these skills in real-world settings.
Although several excellent resources deal with these issues, there is still a need for a book that incorporates management of these care concepts into real-world practice scenarios. Our goal in writing the fifth edition of Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX-RN® Examination is to provide a resource that challenges nursing students, as well as novice and experienced nurses, to develop the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively apply these important nursing skills: examination preparation and real-world practice. From the original focus on medical-surgical nursing, subsequent editions have expanded to include pediatrics, labor and delivery, psychiatric nursing, and long-term care as well as the role of the nurse in a variety of nonacute care settings. Additionally, we have made changes that reflect the current focus on evidence-based best practices, fundamentals of safe practice, and expansion of diabetes care. For the fifth edition, we responded to requests for more questions, especially about medications. New questions, including drug-related questions, have been added to each chapter. We also added questions specific to the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, and asexual (LGBTQIA) community. New questions were added and revised throughout the book to broaden comprehension of key concepts and knowledge areas and to update current knowledge levels. Our fifth edition expands on all of these topics and incorporates examples of Next-Generation NCLEX® Examination (NGN) question formats to prepare students for the upcoming NCLEX® changes.

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