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Principles of Electric Circuits: Electron Flow Version (9th Edition)


Author: Thomas L. Floyd

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: April 12, 2009

ISBN-10: 135073081

Pages: 992

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

In this ninth edition. Principles of Electric Circuits: Electron Flow Version continues to provide a complete and straightforward coverage ofthe basics of electrical components and circuits. Many changes and improvements make this edition the best yet. Fundamental circuit laws and analysis methods arc explained and applied in a variety of basic circuits. Applications, many of which are new to this edition, are emphasized with most chapters providing a special Application Activity feature. As in past editions, troubleshooting continues to be an important pail ofthis edition, with an entire section devoted to the topic in most chapters.

New in This Edition

♦ More practical applications
♦ More cnd-of-chaptcr problems
♦ Expanded safety coverage
♦ True/False quiz at the end ofeach chapter
♦ Internet references for selected topics
♦ More Multisim® circuits
♦ Multisim tutorial in an appendix
♦ Multisim 10 and Multsim 9 circuit files available at
♦ Coverage of fuel cells and expanded coverage of batteries and solar cells
♦ Section on voltage measurements
♦ Coverage of the Hall effect and expanded coverage of magnetic and electromagnetic topics
♦ Section on dc motors and generators
♦ Section on ac motors and generators (alternators)
♦ Expanded coverage ofcapacilive and inductive reactance


♦ Full-color, reader-friendly text design
♦ Chapter openers that include a chapter outline, introduction, objectives, key term list. Application Activity Preview, and website reference
♦ An Application Activity at the end of most chapters
♦ Abundant illustrations
♦ Margin features include Safety Notes, History Notes, and Tech Notes
♦ Abundance ofworked examples, each with a Related Problem and selected examples with a Multisim exercise
♦ Each section in a chapter begins with an introduction and section objectives
♦ Section Checkups with answers at end ofchapter
♦ Troubleshooting sections in many chapters
♦ Summary, key terms glossary, and formula list at the end ofeach chapter
♦ True/False Quiz, multiple-choice Self-Test, and Circuit Dynamics Quiz at the end of each chapter with answers at the end of the chapter
♦ Scctionalizcd problem set at the end ofeach chapter with more difficult problems indicated with an asterisk and answers to odd-numbered problems at theend ofthe book
♦ Comprehensive glossary ofall bold-face terms in the text, including key terms, at the end of the book
♦ Electron flow direction (Conventional current direction available in an alternate version of this text)

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