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Physics for Technology, Second Edition


Author: Daniel H. Nichols

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: December 18, 2018

ISBN-10: 815382928

Pages: 436

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is intended as an introductory physics text for students majoring in technology. A background in algebra is assumed. It was written in an effort to try to make clear the relevance of physics for a career in technology. To achieve this, lengthy derivations and theoretical discussions on physics have been replaced with practical applications of physics in industry. Unlike most texts in physics where a general concept is explained leading to specific examples, the opposite approach has been taken here. Whenever possible, a discussion starts off with something the student is familiar with, for example, a speedometer, thermometer, etc., and then generalizes it to the physics behind these devices and concepts they address. This approach makes clear the relevance and motivation to study physics. Laboratory methods and data analysis are included setting this book apart from other introductory texts. This book is intended for a one-semester course in physics using a judicious selection of chapters.


This second edition of Physics for Technology was written in an attempt to bridge the gap in advances in technology since the first edition. This was achieved by incorporating sensors into the general physics discussions along with labs using data acquisition through the use of sensors interfaced to microcontrollers, along with smartphone physics labs. This book is effectively a text and lab book in one. Specifically, the new additions to the first edition are:
◾◾ Updating each chapter with current technology.
◾◾ Four new chapters on electric force, electricity, data acquisition with microcontrollers, and smartphone labs.
◾◾ Over 300 additional end of the chapter problems added.

D.H. Nichols

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