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Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 6th Edition


Author: Paul A. Tipler and Gene Mosca

Publisher: W. H. Freeman

Genres: ,

Publish Date: 2007

ISBN-10: 716789647

Pages: 1172

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The sixth edition of Physics for Scientists and Engineers offers a completely integrated text and media solution that will help students learn most effectively and will enable professors to customize their classrooms so that they teach most efficiently.

The text includes a new strategic problem-solving approach, an integrated Math Tutorial, and new tools to improve conceptual understanding. New Physics Spotlights feature cutting-edge topics that help students relate what they are learning to real-world technologies.

The new online learning management system enables professors to easily customize their classes based on their students’ needs and interests by using the new interactive Physics Portal, which includes a complete e-book, student and instructor resources, and a robust online homework system. Interactive Exercises in the Physics Portal give students the opportunity to learn from instant feedback, and give instructors the option to track and grade each step of the process. Because no two physics students or two physics classes are alike, tools to help make each physics experience successful are provided.

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