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Perioperative Management in Robotic Surgery

Perioperative Management in Robotic Surgery PDF

Author: Alan Kaye and Richard Urman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Genres: ,

Publish Date: September 25, 2017

ISBN-10: 1107143128

Pages: 280

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Few innovations in surgical technique have played as large a role in the growth of the fi eld of laparoscopic surgery as has robotic- assisted surgery (RAS). Robotic systems off er many potential advantages to the surgeon, including providing a binocular, stereoscopic view of the surgical field, masking of surgical tremor by filtering hand movements, and allowing for 360 degree movement of the instruments, mimicking open surgery. Th ere is ongoing research on patient outcomes and costs of care with RAS compared to laparoscopic and open surgery. Another promising application of robotic- assisted surgery is single port site surgery, and the number of surgical subspecialties using RAS is also increasing.

In this book we cover perioperative considerations for robot- assisted surgery (RAS), including preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative management of the patient. We believe that ours is the fi rst comprehensive, evidence- based clinical text that specifi cally focuses on the overall perioperative management of the patient, and not just technical surgical skills. Since minimally invasive surgery is now performed on many types of patients, including neonates, parturients, morbidly obese, trauma victims, and those with significant comorbidities, it is important to be adequately prepared in getting them through surgery.

Designed for practitioners, it is an easy to read, concise handbook rather than a large, complex textbook with an overwhelming amount of information. It covers physiologic eff ects and complications related to RAS, and has ample diagrams, tables, and fi gures to help organize the information for easy reference. Our book addresses preoperative evaluation, patient selection, common emergencies, complications, as well as pain management and recovery. We discuss patient management, describe the basics of various procedures and techniques, outline useful patient care protocols, and provide an overview of the perioperative issues that are unique to a given RAS procedure. We hope that a wide audience of healthcare practitioners will find it useful, including anesthesiologists, surgeons, allied health professionals, as well as medical proceduralists, biomedical engineers, nurses and physician assistants, and trainees from various disciplines. Each chapter contributor is an expert from a leading academic institution.

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