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Author: Mervyn Singer,Andrew Webb

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Publish Date: 2009

ISBN-10: 199581037

Pages: 700

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

I am delighted, for several reasons, to write the foreword for the third edition of this handbook of critical care medicine. Firstly, both authors were former colleagues whose careers have blossomed very considerably since we all worked together. Secondly, the fact that three editions have been produced in the past 12 years with total sales of 30,000 refl ects the rapidly emerging importance of intensive care as a specialty in its own right. Thirdly, the fact that about 20% of the material in this current edition is new reflects how quickly intensive care is changing.

Although this book is designed to fi t the pocket it contains an enormous amount of clearly presented and important information. It is essential reading for nurses and doctors of all grades who are involved in looking after the critically ill.

Many acutely ill patients are still being cared for in general wards without ever being admitted to an intensive care unit. The popularity of the two previous editions of this book suggests it is being read by staff working in these non-critical care areas and I do believe this will assist them considerably in improving patient care. The layout of the book lends itself extremely well to an electronic format, a move which I thoroughly endorse. I wish the book the success it thoroughly deserves.

David Bennett
Visiting Professor of Intensive Care Medicine
King’s College London


Foreword vii
Preface to the previous editions ix
Preface to this edition x
Abbreviations xi
Detailed contents xxi
1. Critical care organisation and management 1
2. Respiratory therapy techniques 37
3. Cardiovascular therapy techniques 93
4. Renal therapy techniques 107
5. Gastrointestinal therapy techniques 117
6. Nutrition and metabolic therapy 125
7. Wound and pressure area management 135
8. Respiratory monitoring 143
9. Cardiovascular monitoring 161
10. Neurological monitoring 199
11. Laboratory monitoring 209
12. Miscellaneous monitoring 231
13. Fluids 241
14. Respiratory drugs 253
15. Cardiovascular drugs 263
16. Renal drugs 279
17. Gastrointestinal drugs 285
18. Neurological drugs 301
19. Haematological drugs 317
20. Miscellaneous drugs 325
21. Resuscitation 337
22. Respiratory disorders 345

23. Cardiovascular disorders 379
24. Renal disorders 397
25. Gastrointestinal disorders 405
26. Hepatic disorders 427
27. Neurological disorders 437
28. Haematological disorders 467
29. Metabolic disorders 481
30. Poisoning 519
31. Infection and infl ammation 543
32. Trauma and burns 581
33. Physical disorders 599
34. Pain and post-operative critical care 617
35. Oncological critical care 623
36. Obstetric emergencies 633
37. Transport of the critically ill 643
38. Death and the dying patient 651

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