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Organizational Behavior, Global Edition



Publisher: Pearson Education


Publish Date: 2013

ISBN-10: 1292146303

Pages: Pages

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Organizational behavior textbooks, this edition continues its tradition of making current, relevant topics come alive for students. While maintaining its hallmark features—engaging writing style, cutting-edge content, and intuitive pedagogy—this edition has been significantly updated to reflect the most recent research and current business events within the field of organizational behavior worldwide. The seventeenth edition is one of the most contemporary revisions of Organizational Behavior we’ve undertaken, and while we’ve preserved the core relevant material, we’re confident that this edition reflects the most important issues facing organizations, managers, and employees today with a balanced, discerning approach.

Key Changes to the Seventeenth Edition
●● NEW Feature in every chapter! Career OBjectives in advice, question-andanswer format to help students think through issues they may face in the workforce today.
●● NEW Opening Vignette in every chapter to bring current business trends and events to the forefront.
●● NEW key terms presented in bold throughout the text (up to three new per chapter) highlight new vocabulary pertinent to today’s study of organizational behavior.
●● NEW photos and captions in every chapter link the chapter content to contemporary real-life worldwide situations to enhance the student’s understanding of hands-on application of concepts.
●● NEW These feature topics are either completely new or substantially updated within each chapter as applicable to reflect ongoing challenges in business worldwide and focus the student’s attention on new topics:
●● Learning Objectives (in 15 chapters)
●● Exhibits (15 throughout the text)
●● Myth or Science? (8 of 18 total)
●● An Ethical Choice (10 of 18 total)
●● Point/Counterpoint (8 of 18 total)
●● NEW The following end-of-chapter material is either completely new or substantially revised and updated for each chapter to bring the most contemporary thinking to the attention of students:
●● Summary (4 of 18 total)
●● Implications for Managers (11 of 18 total)
●● Questions for Review (in 16 chapters)
●● Experiential Exercise (12 of 18 total)
●● Ethical Dilemma (14 of 18 total)
●● Case Incidents (25 of 36 total)
MyManagementLab Suggested Activities For the 17th edition the author is excited that Pearson’s MyManagementLab has been integrated fully into the text. These new features are outlined below.

Making assessment activities available on line for students to complete before coming to class will allow you the professor more discussion time during the class to review areas that students are having difficulty in comprehending.

Learn It
Students can be assigned the Chapter Warm-Up before coming to class. Assigning these questions ahead of time will ensure that students are coming to class prepared.
Personal Inventory Assessments (PIA)
Students learn better when they can connect what they’re learning to their personal experience. PIA (Personal Inventory Assessments) is a collection of online exercises designed to promote self-reflection and student engagement, enhancing their ability to connect with concepts taught in principles of management, organizational behavior, and human resource management classes. Assessments are assignable by instructors who can then track students completions. Student results include a written explanation along with a graphic display that shows how their results compare to the class as a whole. Instructors will also have access to this graphic representation of results to promote classroom discussion.
Watch It!
Recommends a video clip that can be assigned to students for outside classroom viewing or that can be watched in the classroom. The video corresponds to the chapter material and is accompanied by multiple choice questions that re-enforce the student’s comprehension of the chapter content.
Try It!
Recommends a mini simulation that can be assigned to students as an outside classroom activity or it can be done in the classroom. As the students watch the simulation, they will be asked to make choices based on the scenario presented in the simulation. At the end of the simulation, the student will receive immediate feedback based on the answers they gave. These simulations re-enforce the concepts of the chapter and the students, comprehension of those concepts.
Talk About It
These are discussion questions that can be assigned as an activity within the classroom.
Assisted Graded Writing Questions
These are short essay questions that the students can complete as an assignment and submit to you the professor for grading.
Chapter Quiz
These are review questions that can be assigned to students to answer upon completion of the chapter, this gradeable activity allows you the professor to see if the students have comprehended the chapter’s content.


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