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Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple, Second Edition


Author: Sten E. Vesterli

Publisher: Packt Publishing


Publish Date: February 19, 2014

ISBN-10: 1782176802

Pages: 432

File Type: Epub, Mobi, Pdf

Language: English

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Book Preface

The book you’re holding in your hands is about building serious applications with the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). You know that actual development work is only one part of a successful project and that you also need structure, processes, and tools.

That’s why Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple, Second Edition, will take an enterprise focus, following a complete project from inception to final delivery. Along the way, you will be building a Proof of Concept application, but you will also be setting up and using all of the professional support tools you need for a real-life project.

This book will take you through the entire process of building an enterprise ADF application, from the initial idea through the Proof of Concept, tool choice, preparation, coding the support classes, building the application, testing it, customizing it, securing it, and finally, deploying it.

What is an enterprise application?

Enterprise applications are the strategic applications in the enterprise. They will handle critical business functions and tend to be big and complex. In the past, it was acceptable that users had to take training classes before they were able to use the application, but today, enterprise applications are also required to be user friendly and intuitive. As they are deployed throughout the organization, they will need sophisticated security features. Enterprise applications will remain in use for a long time because of the cost of developing and implementing them.

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Epub, Mobi, Pdf May 30, 2020

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