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Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World under the Sea

Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World under the Sea PDF

Author: Julia Rothman

Publisher: Storey Publishing


Publish Date: April 28, 2020

ISBN-10: 1635861608

Pages: 208

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

t the end of the street where I grew up on City Island, there was a beach. As a kid, I would walk the shore when the tide was out, looking for hermit crabs, starfish, and whatever else washed up. When the tide was high, we would swim in the bay.

For bigger surf, we headed to Jones Beach on Long Island.

With each huge wave, my sister and I had three choices: jump over, duck under it, or try to ride it to shore. I can still feel the burning sensation of saltwater going up my nose.

My family has always treasured being near the water.

My parents still live in that house. Every summer evening they go down to the beach to join the “sunset club,” where they chat with neighbors while the waves lap and the sun goes down.

Working on my books — Farm

On Instagram, posts showed kids

Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and

learning from them, carrying them

Food Anatomy — has led me to

on nature walks, and copying

explore the world in a deeper way.

drawings from them.

But each book takes over a year

to create, and I couldn’t imagine

I also received handwritten letters

doing another one. But then

from kids. Some drew me pictures,

readers changed my mind. I received

like vegetables growing or flowers

emails from people from around

in a rainbow of colors. They told

the world telling me how much they

me which book they liked best or

loved the books.

what they loved about nature or


index 7 1

about their favorite food or animal.

I cherish these letters. Twelve-year-

old Lydia from Maine wrote, “Since I

was younger, I dreamed of becoming

a marine biologist. I think growing

up on the coast influenced this. I

love your books and I would really

enjoy one called Ocean Anatomy. I

was wondering if you ever decided

to make another book if you would

consider the topic.”

I thought of my memories of my

childhood beach. I thought about

the first time I went snorkeling and

never heard of — nudibranch, giant

saw brightly colored fish. I also

spider crabs, leafy sea dragons. And

thought about climate change and

spent nights worrying what what

how it was affecting our beautiful

would happen to our beautiful oceans

oceans and the images I saw of

as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

starving polar bears. But most of

grows and turtles confuse plastic

all, I thought of Lydia becoming a

bags for jellyfish and eat them.

marine biologist, and all the children who had written to me, and I decided

I hope this book opens your eyes to

to do another book.

all the incredible sea life we don’t

even realize is there. I hope this book So here I am.

reminds you how much we need to

conserve all these fascinating plants I enlisted the help of the wonderful

and creatures. I hope more children

John Niekrasz who worked with me

are inspired to get involved and

on Nature Anatomy to collaborate

learn how to protect and save our

with me again. He has done extensive

marvelous oceans.

research on all the plants and animals in the ocean and on the shores. We

tried to include as much as we could.

Along the way, I learned about so

many jaw-dropping animals I had

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