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National Electrical Code 2017

National Electrical Code 2017 PDF

Author: (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association

Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning


Publish Date: September 26, 2016

ISBN-10: 1455912778

Pages: 888

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

(A)Practical Safeguarding.

The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. This Code is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual for untrained persons.


This Code contains provisions that are considered necessary for safety. Compliance therewith and proper maintenance result in an installation that is essentially free from hazard but not necessarily efficient, convenient, or adequate for good service or future expansion of electrical use.

Informational Note: Hazards often occur because of overloading of wiring systems by methods or usage not in conformity with this Code. This occurs because initial wiring did not provide for increases in the use of electricity. An initial adequate installation and reasonable provisions for system changes provide for future increases in the use of electricity.

(C)Relation to Other International Standards.

The requirements in this Code address the fundamental principles of protection for safety contained in Section 131 of International Electrotechnical Commission Standard 60364-1, Electrical Installations of Buildings.

Informational Note: IEC 60364-1, Section 131, contains fundamental principles of protection for safety that encompass protection against electric shock, protection against thermal effects, protection against overcurrent, protection against fault currents, and protection against overvoltage. All of these potential hazards are addressed by the requirements in this Code.

90.2 Scope.


This Code covers the installation and removal of electrical conductors, equipment, and raceways; signaling and communications conductors, equipment, and raceways; and optical fiber cables and raceways for the following:

(1)Public and private premises, including buildings, structures, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and floating buildings

(2)Yards, lots, parking lots, carnivals, and industrial substations

(3)Installations of conductors and equipment that connect to the supply of electricity

(4)Installations used by the electric utility, such as office buildings, warehouses, garages, machine shops, and recreational buildings, that are not an integral part of a generating plant, substation, or control center

Brief Contents

NFPA 70® 2017 Edition
Important Notices and Disclaimers Concerning NFPA® Standards
About NFPA 70®
Committee Personnel
How to Read NFPA 70®
Chapter 1 General
Chapter 2 Wiring and Protection
Chapter 3 Wiring Methods and Materials
Chapter 4 Equipment for General Use
Chapter 5 Special Occupancies
Chapter 6 Special Equipment
Chapter 7 Special Conditions
Chapter 8 Communications Systems
Chapter 9 Tables
Informative Annexes
Informative Annex A Product Safety Standards
Informative Annex B Application Information for Ampacity Calculation
Informative Annex C Conduit and Tubing Fill Tables for Conductors and Fixture Wires of the Same Size
Informative Annex D Examples
Informative Annex E Types of Construction
Informative Annex F Availability and Reliability for Critical Operations Power Systems; and Development and Implementation of Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) for Critical Operations Power Systems
Informative Annex G Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Informative Annex H Administration and Enforcement
Informative Annex I Recommended Tightening Torque Tables from UL Standard 486A-B
Informative Annex J ADA Standards for Accessible Design
Additional Sections
TIA 17-1
TIA 17-2
Errata 70-17-1
Errata 70-17-2
Errata 70-17-3
Sequence of Events for the Standards Development Process
Submitting Public Input / Public Comment Through the Online Submission System
Information on the NFPA Standards Development Process

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