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My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy

My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy PDF

Author: Clint Hill

Publisher: Gallery Books


Publish Date: October 25, 2022

ISBN-10: 1982181117

Pages: 304

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

When I look at these photographs of Mrs. Kennedy as we traveled through Europe and Asia and South America, I realize now what a privilege it was to have been part of those private, joyful moments she experienced. There we were, all over the globe, in some of the most exotic countries in the world, sharing laughs, living through some crazy adventures. When you travel with someone—particularly in foreign countries—you experience things that can’t be fully appreciated by anyone who wasn’t there.

I hope you enjoy these travels with Mrs. Kennedy as much as she and I did.

The idea for this book came during the restrictive COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. Writing, curating the photographs, and going through all the memorabilia was a wonderful distraction, and it also provided an opportunity to connect with friends from the past. While most of the narrative is based on Clint’s personal recollections, we are grateful to former Secret Service agents Paul Rundle, Ron Pontius, Paul Landis, and Tom Wells for sharing their notes, photographs, and memories to fill in some of the gaps.

Additionally, our friend and retired Secret Service Agent Barbara Riggs was immensely helpful in connecting us with Stirling Young, Nina Fout, and photographer Howard Allen’s daughters, Page Allen and Betsy Allen Davis, all of whom provided additional color to the Middleburg section. We are especially grateful to Page and Betsy for allowing us to use some of their father’s wonderful photographs.

From the beginning, Keith Urbahn and Matt Latimer at Javelin have been as passionate about this book as we are. Their patience, integrity, and professionalism through negotiations, snafus, delays, and the many iterations of the book jacket were invaluable. We are so fortunate to have them in our corner. Likewise, we don’t know what we’d do without the brilliant insight of Mitchell Ivers. We are grateful for his encouragement, guidance, spot-on advice, and most of all, his friendship.

Our partnership with Gallery Books goes back to 2010 and, once again, the talented team led by the incomparable Jen Bergstrom has turned our vision into a stunning book that will stand the test of time. We are grateful to Aimée Bell for believing in this book from the outset and for steering us through uncharted waters, and to Jennifer Long and Jen Robinson, who work tirelessly on our behalf. Additionally, we are thankful to everyone who worked behind the scenes: Carolyn Levin, Abby Zidle, Caroline Pallotta, Emily Arzeno, Allison Green, Gaitana Jaramillo, Jamie Selzer, John Vairo, Matthew Ryan, Chelsea McGuckin, Alexis Leira, Paul O’Halloran, Fiona Sharp, and Annie Wiese. Andrew NguyImagen was enormously helpful as liaison, assisting with the complex task of organizing 220 photographs and overall keeping us on track. And special thanks to the talented Lisa Litwack for creating the most gorgeous book jacket we’ve ever seen.

Thank you to Andy Howick at mptv Images, David Shaw, Maryrose Grossman at the JFK Library, Aline Lauvergeon at Photo12, and Michael Shulman at Magnum Photos.

Finally, we are so fortunate to have a priceless collection of friends and family members who offered suggestions and provided support along the way. Thank you to Chris, Corey, Cooper, Connor, and Abby; Wyman and Gay Harris; Stephanie Ryder; Liz McNeil; Pilar Proctor; Elaine Petrocelli; Mary Potuznik; Paige Peterson; Wendy Miller; Claire McAuliffe; and Faith Wheeler; and a special acknowledgment to John Lamar for the last-minute, totally perfect suggestion to add “My” to the title. We love you all!

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