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Modern JavaScript Applications


Author: Narayan Prusty

Publisher: Packt Publishing


Publish Date: July 25, 2016

ISBN-10: 1785881442

Pages: 330

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

“JavaScript is the only language that I’m aware of that people feel they don’t need to learn before they start using it.”
– Douglas Crockford

The book begins by covering an enterprise-level application with the microservices architecture, using Node.js to build web services. As we move forward, the book shows you how to build a browser-browser application using WebRTC. We then focus on building a real-time web application with WebSockets.

When you’ve gained a solid grip on the different architectures, you’ll see how to write better reactive code using functional reactive programming (FRP). Then, we’ll move onto what’s new in Bootstrap 4 and how it makes it easier then ever to build responsive sites. As we near the end of this book, you’ll see how to build a modern single-page application that builds on the innovative component-based architecture using React and Angular 2.

After reading this book, you will have a solid knowledge of the latest JavaScript techniques, tools, and architecture required to build modern web apps.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Breaking into Microservices Architecture, teaches what the microservices architecture is and why enterprise-level applications are built using it. We will
then explore Seneca.js, which is a microservices toolkit for Node.js.

Chapter 2, Building a Coupon Site, shows you how to build a basic coupon site to demonstrate Seneca.js and the microservices architecture

Chapter 3, Communication between Browsers in Real Time, teaches you what WebRTC is and how to use it to implement features such as audio/video chat or some other features in websites that need real-time browser-to-browser data transfer or to retrieve audio/video streams from microphones, webcams, or any other device. We will learn to write WebRTC-based applications using PeerJS, which simplifies WebRTC-based application development.

Chapter 4, Building a Chatroulette, shows you how to build a chatroulette to demonstrate WebRTC and PeerJS.

Chapter 5, Bidirectional Communication in Real Time, teaches what WebSockets are and how to achieve bidirectional communication in real-time using WebSockets. We will then explore Socket.IO, which utilizes WebSockets to enable bidirectional communication in real time.

Chapter 6, Building a Live Score Site, shows you how to build a simple live-score site using Socket.IO.

Chapter 7, Functional Reactive Programming, teaches you reactive code and how to write better reactive code using functional reactive programming. We will then explore Bacon.js, which is a functional reactive programming library for JavaScript.

Chapter 8, Building an Advanced Profile Search Widget, helps you build an advanced profile-search widget using Bacon.js.

Chapter 9, New Features of Bootstrap 4, teaches you what’s new in Bootstrap 4 and how it makes it easier then ever to create responsive sites.

Chapter 10, Building User Interfaces Using React, teaches you what React.js is and how it makes writing of code for reactive UI easier and takes care of rendering performance and reusability.

Chapter 11, Building an RSS Reader Using React and Flux, shows you how to build a simple RSS reader using React and the Flux architecture.

Chapter 12, New Features of Angular 2, teaches you how to use Angular 2 to build the client side of websites. We will also learn about web components in this chapter.

Chapter 13, Building a Search Engine Template Using AngularJS 2, shows you how to build a search engine template using Angular 2. We will also learn how to build an SPA using Angular 2.

Chapter 14, Securing and Scaling Node.js Applications, teaches you how to make Node.js applications more secure and what the common technologies used for scaling Node. js applications are.

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