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Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 6th Edition

Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 6th Edition PDF

Author: Davi-Ellen Chabner

Publisher: Saunders


Publish Date: December 5, 2012

ISBN-10: 1437734405

Pages: 720

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

I wrote the first edition of Medical Terminology: A Short Course more than 20 years ago with the hope that it would fill a specific niche in the education of allied health professionals. My goal was to present a comprehensive introduction and overview of medical terminology in a straightforward and easy manner for students who had no previous background in biology or medicine. It is gratifying to know that this book is now widely used in career schools, colleges, hospitals, and other medical settings in the United States and abroad, where allied health workers use medical language and interpret it for patients and their families. There is no doubt that the method used in Medical Terminology: A Short Course takes potentially complicated subject matter and makes it manageable and understandable. In this sixth edition, the text has been updated and carefully reviewed for clarity, simplicity, and practicality, but its essential elements remain. Here are its important features:

WORKBOOK-TEXT FORMAT. In this book, you learn by doing. On nearly every page you are writing and interacting with medical terminology. You complete exercises (and check your answers), label diagrams, test your understanding with review sheets, and practice pronunciation. The best path to success is to write terms and their meanings as you test yourself. I really believe this method of learning will work for you!

Explanations of terms are worded simply and clearly, and repetition reinforces learning throughout the text. Answers to questions are located easily so that you can check and correct your responses while gaining additional explanation of terminology.

DYNAMIC ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. Medical terms come alive with images on nearly every page! Learning is reinforced by seeing parts of the body, diseases, conditions and real medical procedures. At the end of each chapter, Picture Shows highlight key images and allow you to apply your knowledge of terminology.

INTRODUCTION TO BODY SYSTEMS. Appendix 1 includes the following five sections:
• Anatomy—shows full-color images of each body system, labeled for easy reference with combining forms for each body part.
• Terminology—repeats each combining form and gives a medical term illustrating the use of the combining form. Definitions are in the Mini-Dictionary: Glossary of Medical Terms at the end of the book.
• Pathology—presents explanations of disease conditions related to each body system.
• Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures—explains and defines common examples for each body system.
• Matching Exercises—tests your understanding of the material, with answers included.

REFERENCE GUIDE FOR MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL WORK. This book is also a useful resource. Diagnostic Tests and Procedures (radiological, nuclear medicine, and clinical and laboratory tests) are found in Appendix 2. Abbreviations, symbols, acronyms, and eponyms are located in Appendix 3.The Mini-Dictionary: Glossary of Medical Terms helps you study each chapter and also will be a reference for you in the workplace. Each definition has been crafted carefully to explain terms using plain, nontechnical language.


Throughout the text, and on the Student Evolve website, you will find exciting images, medical case reports, and vignettes that illustrate terminology in the context of stories about patients and procedures. Medical Detective is a special feature on the Evolve website. A medical case is presented, and you answer questions to test your understanding of the situation.

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