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Medical Cell Biology, Third Edition


Author: Goodman MD, Steven R

Publisher: Academic Press


Publish Date: November 23, 2007

ISBN-10: 123704588

Pages: 336

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The long-awaited third edition of Medical Cell Biology is here. It maintains the same vision as the fi rst two editions, which is to teach cell biology in a medically relevant manner in a focused textbook of about 300 pages. We again accomplish this by focusing on human and animal cell biology, making clear the relationship of basic science to human disease. Our target audience for this textbook is health profession students (medical, osteopathic, dental, veterinary, nursing, and related disciplines) and advanced undergraduates who are future health professionals.

Although the vision remains the same, the third edition is very different from its predecessors. With the exceptions of Dr. Warren Zimmer and myself, we have an entirely new group of authors. In this edition, each chapter is written by an expert in the field, all of whom reside in different parts of the United States and  England. The text, therefore, has been entirely rewritten and updated. Furthermore, this edition includes a new chapter on the important topic of cell death (Chapter 10). In addition, Chapters 2 through 10 each have two clinical vignettes that are relevant to cell biology, all of which have been beautifully written by Stephen Shohet, MD. We have stressed the importance of genomics and proteomics to our understanding of modern cell biology and medicine. We have taken a systems biology approach in several of our chapters. For example, Chapter 8, Cell Signaling Events, uses heart and cardiac disease to explain signaling; Chapter 9, The Cell Cycle and Cancer, is focused on cancer biology; and neuroscience and neurologic disorders are the platform for explaining cell death pathways in Chapter 10, Programmed Cell Death. All of the fi gures are either new or revised and are presented in full color. Academic Press has done a splendid job of helping us create an attractive and accessible textbook.

In summary, we are proud to present the third edition of Medical Cell Biology. The fi rst two editions were very well received by the educational community, and we feel that the third edition is even better. We hope that lecturers will fi nd the textbook to  be an outstanding educational tool and that students will enjoy the readability of our book while they learn this fascinating material. As always, we welcome and appreciate your comments, all of which help us to make each edition better for future students.

I thank all of the authors of Medical Cell Biology, third edition, who have put great effort into creating a unique and beautifully crafted textbook.

Steven R. Goodman

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