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MCAT General Chemistry Review 2023-2024: Online + Book

MCAT General Chemistry Review 2023-2024: Online + Book PDF

Author: Kaplan Test Prep

Publisher: Kaplan Test Prep


Publish Date: July 5, 2022

ISBN-10: 1506283039

Pages: 552

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

And now it starts: your long, yet fruitful journey toward wearing a white coat. Proudly wearing that white coat, though, is hopefully only part of your motivation. You are reading this book because you want to be a healer.

If you’re serious about going to medical school, then you are likely already familiar with the importance of the MCAT in medical school admissions. While the holistic review process puts additional weight on your experiences, extracurricular activities, and personal attributes, the fact remains: along with your GPA, your MCAT score remains one of the two most important components of your application portfolio—at least early in the admissions process. Each additional point you score on the MCAT pushes you in front of thousands of other students and makes you an even more attractive applicant. But the MCAT is not simply an obstacle to overcome; it is an opportunity to show schools that you will be a strong student and a future leader in medicine.

We at Kaplan take our jobs very seriously and aim to help students see success not only on the MCAT, but as future physicians. We work with our learning science experts to ensure that we’re using the most up-to-date teaching techniques in our resources. Multiple members of our team hold advanced degrees in medicine or associated biomedical sciences, and are committed to the highest level of medical education. Kaplan has been working with the MCAT for over 50 years and our commitment to premed students is unflagging; in fact, Stanley Kaplan created this company when he had difficulty being accepted to medical school due to unfair quota systems that existed at the time.

We stand now at the beginning of a new era in medical education. As citizens of this 21st-century world of healthcare, we are charged with creating a patient-oriented, culturally competent, cost-conscious, universally available, technically advanced, and research-focused healthcare system, run by compassionate providers. Suffice it to say, this is no easy task. Problem-based learning, integrated curricula, and classes in interpersonal skills are some of the responses to this demand for an excellent workforce—a workforce of which you’ll soon be a part.

We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen us to help you on this journey. Please reach out to us to share your challenges, concerns, and successes. Together, we will shape the future of medicine in the United States and abroad; we look forward to helping you become the doctor you deserve to be.

Good luck!

Table of Contents

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The Kaplan MCAT Review Team

Getting Started Checklist


About Scientific American

About the MCAT

How This Book Was Created

Using This Book

Studying for the MCAT

Chapter 1:Atomic Structure

1.1Subatomic Particles

1.2Atomic Mass vs. Atomic Weight

High-Yield 1.3Rutherford, Planck, and Bohr

1.4Quantum Mechanical Model of Atoms

Chapter 2:The Periodic Table

2.1The Periodic Table

2.2Types of Elements

High-Yield 2.3Periodic Properties of the Elements

2.4The Chemistry of Groups

Chapter 3:Bonding and Chemical Interactions


3.2Ionic Bonds

High-Yield 3.3Covalent Bonds

3.4Intermolecular Forces

Chapter 4:Compounds and Stoichiometry

4.1Molecules and Moles

4.2Representation of Compounds

4.3Types of Chemical Reactions

High-Yield 4.4Balancing Chemical Equations

4.5Applications of Stoichiometry


Chapter 5:Chemical Kinetics

High-Yield 5.1Chemical Kinetics

5.2Reaction Rates

Chapter 6:Equilibrium


6.2Le Châtelier’s Principle

6.3Kinetic and Thermodynamic Control

Chapter 7:Thermochemistry

7.1Systems and Processes

7.2States and State Functions




7.6Gibbs Free Energy

Chapter 8:The Gas Phase

8.1The Gas Phase

High-Yield 8.2Ideal Gases

8.3Kinetic Molecular Theory

8.4Real Gases

Chapter 9:Solutions

High-Yield 9.1Nature of Solutions

High-Yield 9.2Concentration

High-Yield 9.3Solution Equilibria

9.4Colligative Properties

Chapter 10:Acids and Bases


High-Yield 10.2Properties

10.3Polyvalence and Normality

High-Yield 10.4Titration and Buffers

Chapter 11:Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

11.1Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

11.2Net Ionic Equations

Chapter 12:Electrochemistry

High-Yield 12.1Electrochemical Cells

12.2Cell Potentials

12.3Electromotive Force and Thermodynamics



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