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Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes mysteries series


Author: Laurie R. King

Publisher: Bantam


Publish Date: April 27, 2010

ISBN-10: 553386379

Pages: 400

File Type: Epub, Mobi, Pdf

Language: English

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Book Preface

The stories are set between 1915 and the late 1920s, mainly in England but extending to Scotland, Wales, Palestine, northern India and California. They begin with fifteen year-old Mary Russell (she was born on 2 January 1900), who runs into a middle-aged individual she realizes is, in fact, Sherlock Holmes – the former consulting detective of Baker Street, now retired to Sussex, where he keeps bees. However, in the form of Mary Russell’s memoirs, Sherlock Holmes stays in the stories mostly through the influence he has in Russell’s life. Laurie R. King strives to clarify this, and is quoted on her website, “I did not write Sherlock Holmes stories, I wrote Mary Russell stories”. Holmes plays a considerable role at first as Russell’s closest friend, her calculating and idiosyncratic mentor, and as time and circumstance conspire, the Great Detective takes up the role of companion detective. During that time, Russell and Holmes come to have a great respect for one another. Seven years from their first meeting, the two negotiate a marriage agreement, and are married in 1921.


  • The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (1994) ISBN 0-312-10423-5
  • A Monstrous Regiment of Women (1995) ISBN 0-312-13565-3
  • A Letter of Mary (1997) ISBN 0-312-14670-1
  • The Moor (1998) ISBN 0-312-16934-5
  • O Jerusalem (1999) ISBN 0-553-11093-4
  • Justice Hall (2002) ISBN 0-553-11113-2
  • The Game (2004) ISBN 0-553-80194-5
  • Locked Rooms (2005) ISBN 0-553-80197-X
  • The Language of Bees (2009) ISBN 0-553-80454-5
  • The God of the Hive (2010) ISBN 0-553-80554-1
  • Pirate King (2011) ISBN 0-553-80798-6
    Garment of Shadows (to be released 09/04/2012 in US, or 22.10.2012 in UK)

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