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Marketing For Dummies

Marketing For Dummies PDF

Author: Jeanette McMurtry

Publisher: ‎ For Dummies


Publish Date: June 6, 2017

ISBN-10: 1119365570

Pages: 416

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Marketing is part science, part art and is truly one of the most fulfilling roles you can play in business.

Today, marketing embodies science through data and predictive analytics; psy-chology through consumer behavior studies and applications; emotions through events and engagement that spark inspiration and excitement; technology that breaks down boundaries; and art that invites imagination, innovation, and cre-ativity beyond limits. And, as you read throughout this book, marketing involves fun and games, too.
But even with all the technologies available to create compelling programs to take products to market and capture a consumer’s lifetime value, marketing is a chal-lenging endeavor. Consumer expectations and demands change frequently, their attention becomes increasingly fragmented due to all the time spent on mobile and social channels, and they have more purchasing options than ever because e-commerce took down all the walls and barriers associated with location.
This edition of Marketing For Dummies helps you get a solid and working under-standing of the marketing strategies, techniques, and technologies proven for today’s markets and consumer-driven world that can help you build your busi-ness, no matter your size or whether you’re in B2B or B2C.
To succeed in any field of business, you need to clearly communicate what you do in a way that’s personally relevant, compelling, and exciting and taps into your customers’ aspirations, values, and ideals. You also need a plan. You need to map out your journey to take a product to market, increase its real and perceived value, partner with distributors and retailers or B2B channel managers, and secure loy-alty and evangelism from your customers — all while you’re continuing to inno-vate new ideas for products and services that will keep your brand current and set you up for future success. Marketing isn’t for the fainthearted, but it is for those who love fun, creative, and exciting challenges.
As you read this book, remember, everything is possible! The key is to craft a plan that enables you to work smart and efficiently with the resources you have. It’s like mapping out a journey with a specific destination in mind and staying the course instead of veering off at tempting detours.

This book will serve as your guide whether you’re a business owner, marketing executive, or small business manager and want to plan and execute your market-ing yourself. It will also guide you to think more about big-picture ideas and iden-tify smart ways for getting the job done instead of stretching yourself too thin. If you work for a business or marketing agency, this book will guide you on what you need to include in your marketing plan to achieve the goals given to you and advance your own career journey.

About This Book

This book caters to every marketing function and role  — from small business owners and managers to staffers of larger organizations who work on plans, pro-grams, product launches, ad campaigns, printed materials, websites, and other elements. It’s also for those managing political campaigns, public health educa-tors, directors and board members, museums, nonprofits, and the army of inde-pendent consultants who must not only be experts in their own field but also promote their personal brands to guarantee a steady flow of clients.
Ultimately, every marketer can benefit from the insights in this book about the consumer-driven world in which you operate, the media tools and channels you have at your fingertips, the technologies available to manage, deploy, and mea-sure all that you do, down to the individual level. You’ll also discover the key to executing successful customer journeys and experiences as well as direct, email, digital, and print campaigns that drive sales and profitability and, of course, how to do all of this while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Beyond the Book

In addition to the great content in the book or e-book you’re reading right now, you can find more marketing tips and suggestions at by using the search box to look for “Marketing For Dummies cheat sheet.” These, plus the numerous narrow-topic books on marketing in the For Dummies line, give you lots of additional options for researching your marketing program.

Where to Go from Here

If you read only one chapter in one business book this year, make it Chapter 2 of this book, which explains the psychology of choice and how to trigger consumers’ unconscious minds for unthinkable ROI. Unless you know what really drives peo-ple’s emotions, joys, fears, anticipations, and aspirations, you can’t be effective in building a sustainable business founded on lifelong relationships with valuable customers.
Perhaps you have a pressing need in one of the more specific areas covered in this book. If fixing your website is the top item on your to-do list, go to Chapter 11 first. If you need to increase the effectiveness of your sales strategies and approaches, try Chapter 16. Working on a direct mail campaign? You’ll discover the role of data and direct channels, such as email and direct mail and how to execute both successfully, in Chapter 10. Chapter 5 will help you build a marketing plan, and Chapter 8 will guide you on using and managing digital tools and tactics that can help you execute campaigns that build sales and profitability.
Whatever you do and whatever your role, this book will provide you with new ways of thinking and doing, all of which are proven to work for businesses, both big and small and B2B and B2C, throughout all industries. So start reading, get going, and let your marketing light shine.

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