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Marketing: An Introduction, Global Edition


Author: NA

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: 2017

ISBN-10: 1292146508

Pages: 676

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The Thirteenth Edition of Marketing: An Introduction! fresh. Proven. Practical. engaging.

These are exciting times in marketing. Recent surges in digital technologies have created a new, more engaging, more connected marketing world. Beyond traditional tried-and-true marketing concepts and practices, today’s marketers have added a host of new-age tools for engaging consumers, building brands, and creating customer value and relationships. In these digital times, sweeping advances in “the Internet of Things”—from social and mobile media, connected digital devices, and the new consumer empowerment to “big data” and new marketing analytics—have profoundly affected both marketers and the consumers they serve. More than ever, the 13th edition of Marketing: An Introduction introduces the exciting and fast-changing world of marketing in a fresh yet proven, practical, and engaging way. marketing: creating customer Value and engagement in the Digital and social Age

Top marketers share a common goal: putting the consumer at the heart of marketing. Today’s marketing is all about creating customer value and engagement in a fast-changing, increasingly digital and social marketplace.

Marketing starts with understanding consumer needs and wants, determining which target markets the organization can serve best, and developing a compelling value proposition by which the organization can attract and grow valued customers. Then, more than just making a sale, today’s marketers want to engage customers and build deep customer relationships that make their brands a meaningful part of consumers’ conversations and lives.

In this digital age, to go along with proven traditional marketing methods, marketers have a dazzling set of new online, mobile, and social media tools for engaging customers anytime, anyplace to jointly shape brand conversations, experiences, and community. If marketers do these things well, they will reap the rewards in terms of market share, profits, and customer equity. In the 13th edition of Marketing: An Introduction, you’ll learn how customer value and customer engagement drive every good marketing strategy. Marketing: An Introduction makes learning and teaching marketing more productive and enjoyable than ever. The 13th edition’s streamlined approach strikes an effective balance between depth of coverage and ease of learning. The 13th edition builds on proven content developed over 12 previous editions, yet it has been thoroughly revised to provide the freshest insights into current marketing concepts and practices.

The 13th edition remains highly approachable, with an organization, writing style, and design well suited to beginning marketing students. Its learning design—with integrative features at the start and end of each chapter plus insightful author comments throughout— helps students to learn, link, and apply important concepts. The text presents the practical side of marketing, with engaging examples and illustrations throughout that help to bring marketing to life. And when combined with MyMarketingLab, our online homework and personalized study tool, Marketing: An Introduction ensures that students will come to class well prepared and leave class with a richer understanding of basic marketing concepts, strategies, and practices.

What’s new in the 13th edition?

Once again, we’ve thoroughly revised Marketing: An Introduction to provide the freshest coverage of the latest trends and forces that affect marketing. We’ve poured over every page, table, figure, fact, and example in order to keep this the best text from which to learn about and teach marketing. The new edition provides substantial new content, expanded coverage, and fresh examples throughout each chapter.
●● The 13th edition adds fresh coverage in both traditional marketing areas and on fastchanging and trending topics such as customer engagement marketing, mobile and social media, big data and the new marketing analytics, omni-channel marketing and retailing, customer co-creation and empowerment, real-time customer listening and marketing, building brand community, marketing content creation and native advertising, B-to-B social media and social selling, tiered and dynamic pricing, consumer privacy, sustainability, global marketing, and much more.
●● This new edition continues to build on its customer engagement framework—creating direct and continuous customer involvement in shaping brands, brand conversations, brand experiences, and brand community. New coverage and fresh examples throughout the text address the latest customer engagement tools, practices, and developments. See especially Chapter 1 (refreshed sections on Customer Engagement and Today’s Digital and Social Media and Consumer-Generated Marketing); Chapter 4 (big data and realtime research to gain deeper customer insights); Chapter 5 (creating social influence and customer community through digital and social media marketing); Chapter 8 (customer co-creation and customer-driven new-product development); Chapter 11 (omni- channel retailing); Chapter 12 (marketing content curation and native advertising); Chapter 13 (salesforce social selling); and Chapter 14 (direct digital, online, social media, and mobile marketing).
●● No area of marketing is changing faster than online, mobile, social media, and other digital marketing technologies. Keeping up with digital concepts, technologies, and practices has become a top priority and major challenge for today’s marketers. The 13th edition of Marketing: An Introduction provides thoroughly refreshed, up-to-date coverage of these explosive developments in every chapter—from online, mobile, and social media engagement technologies discussed in Chapters 1, 5, 12, and 14 to “real-time listening” and “big data” research tools in Chapter 4, real-time dynamic pricing in Chapter 9, digitizing the in-store retail shopping experience in Chapter 11, and social selling in Chapter 13. A Chapter 1 section on The Digital Age: Online, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing introduces the exciting new developments in digital and social media marketing. Then a Chapter 14 section on Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing digs more deeply into digital marketing tools such as online sites, social media, mobile ads and apps, online video, email, blogs, and other digital platforms that engage consumers anywhere, anytime via their computers, smartphones, tablets, Internet-ready TVs, and other digital devices.
●● The 13th edition continues to track fast-changing developments in marketing communications and the creation of marketing content. Marketers are no longer simply creating integrated marketing communications programs; they are joining with customers and media to curate customer-driven marketing content in paid, owned, earned, and shared media. You won’t find fresher coverage of these important topics in any other marketing text.
●● The 13th edition of Marketing: An Introduction continues to improve on its innovative learning design. The text’s active and integrative presentation includes learning enhancements such as annotated chapter-opening stories, a chapter-opening objective outline, explanatory author comments on major chapter sections and figures, and Marketing at Work highlights that provide in-depth examples of marketing concepts and practices at work. The chapter-opening layout helps to preview and position the chapter and its key concepts. Figures annotated with author comments help students to simplify and organize chapter material. New and substantially revised end-of-chapter features help to summarize important chapter concepts and highlight important themes, such as marketing ethics, financial marketing analysis, and online, mobile, and social media marketing. This innovative learning design facilitates student understanding and eases learning.
●● The 13th edition provides 16 new end-of-chapter company cases by which students can apply what they learn to actual company situations. It also features 16 brand-new video cases, with brief end-of-chapter summaries and discussion questions. Finally, all of the chapter-opening stories, Marketing at Work highlights, and end-of-chapter features in the 13th edition are either new or substantially revised.

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