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Manual of Structural Kinesiology 19th Edition


Author: R .T. Floyd and Clem W. Thompson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: April 14, 2014

ISBN-10: 73369292

Pages: 416

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

In this revision, I have attempted to update the information and improve the clarity of concepts and illustrations while maintaining the successful presentation approach the late Dr. Clem Thompson established from 1961 through 1989. I fi rst used this book as an undergraduate and later in my teachings over the years. Having developed great respect for this text and Dr. Thompson’s style, it is my intention to continue to preserve the effectiveness of this time-honored text, while adding material pertinent to the professions working with today’s ever-growing physically active population. Hopefully, I have maintained a clear, concise, and simple presentation method supplemented with applicable information gained through my research and career experiences.

This text, now in its 67th year, has undergone many revisions over the years. My goal continues to be making the material as applicable as possible to physical activity and to make it more understandable and easier to use for the student and professional. While reading this text, I challenge kinesiology students and professionals to immediately apply the content to physical activities with which they are individually familiar. I hope that the reader will simultaneously palpate his or
her own moving joints and contracting muscles to gain application. Concurrently, I encourage students to palpate the joints and muscles of fellow students to gain a better appreciation of the wide range of normal anatomy and, when possible,
appreciate the variation from normal found in injured and pathological musculoskeletal anatomy. Additionally, with the tremendous growth of information and media available via the Internet and other technological means, I encourage careful and continuous exploration of these resources. These resources should be helpful, but must be reviewed with a critical eye, as all information should be.


This text is designed for students in an undergraduate structural kinesiology course after completing courses in human anatomy and physiology. While primarily utilized in physical education, exercise science, athletic training, physical therapy, and massage therapy curriculums, it is often used as a continuing reference by other clinicians and educators in addressing musculoskeletal concerns of the physically active. Applied kinesiologists, athletic trainers, athletic coaches, physical educators, physical therapists, occupational therapists, health club instructors, strength and conditioning specialists, personal trainers, massage therapists, physicians, and others who are responsible for evaluating, improving, and maintaining the muscular strength, endurance, fl exibility, and overall health of individuals will benefi t from this text. With the ever-continuing growth in the number of participants of all ages in a spectrum of physical activity, it is imperative that medical, health, fi tness, and education professionals involved in providing instruction and information to the physically active be correct and accountable for
the teachings that they provide. The variety ofexercise machines, techniques, strengthening and fl exibility programs, and training programs is continuously expanding and changing, but the musculoskeletal system is constant in its design and
architecture. Regardless of the goals sought or the approaches used in exercise activity, the human body is the basic ingredient and must be thoroughly understood and considered to maximize performance capabilities and minimize undesirable results. Most advances in kinesiology and exercise science continue to result from a better understanding of the body and how it functions. I believe that an individual in this fi eld can never learn enough about the structure and function of the human body and that this is typically best learned through practical application. Those who are charged with the responsibility of providing examination, instruction and consultation to the physically active will fi nd this text a helpful and valuable resource in their neverending quest for knowledge and understanding of human movement.

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