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Management Information Systems, 13th edition


Author: LAUDON

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: March 7, 2013

ISBN-10: 027378997X

Pages: 639

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

We wrote this book for business school students who wanted an in-depth look at how today’s business firms use information technologies and systems to achieve corporate objectives. Information systems are one of the major tools available to business managers for achieving operational excellence, developing new products and services, improving decision making, and achieving competitive advantage. Students will find here the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of information systems used by business firms today.

When interviewing potential employees, business firms often look for new hires who know how to use information systems and technologies for achieving bottom-line business results. Regardless of whether you are an accounting, finance, management, operations management, marketing, or information systems major, the knowledge and information you find in this book will be valuable throughout your business career.


The 13th edition features many new opening, closing, and Interactive Session cases. The text, figures, tables, and cases have been updated through November 2012 with the latest sources from industry and MIS research.


• Chapter-opening cases have been expanded and new case study questions have been added.
• More online cases: MIS Classic Cases, consisting of five outstanding cases from previous editions on companies such as Kmart or Blockbuster/Netflix, will be available on the book’s Web site. In addition, some of the chapterending cases from the previous edition (MIS12e) will be available online.
• New Video Cases collection: 30 video cases (2 per chapter) and additional instructional videos covering key concepts and experiences in the MIS world.
• Learning Tracks: over 40 Learning Tracks are for additional coverage of selected topics.

• Social Business: Extensive coverage of social business, introduced in Chapter 2 and discussed in throughout the text. Detailed discussions of enterprise (internal corporate) social networking as well as social networking in e-commerce.
• Big Data: Chapter 6 on Databases and Information Management rewritten to provide in-depth coverage of Big Data and new data management technologies, including Hadoop, in-memory computing, non-relational databases, and analytic platforms.
• Cloud Computing: Expanded and updated coverage of cloud computing in Chapter 5 (IT Infrastructure), with more detail on types of cloud services, private and public clouds, hybrid clouds, managing cloud services, and a new chapter-ending case on Amazon’s cloud services. Cloud computing also covered in Chapter 6 (databases in the cloud); Chapter 8 (cloud security); Chapter 9 (cloud-based CRM); and Chapter 13 (cloud-based systems development and component-based development).
• Ethical and Social issues: expanded and updated coverage in Chapter 4 (Ethical and Social Issues) of the social and ethical issues that surround the rapid expansion of the mobile platform, including privacy, patent and copyright, behavioral and smartphone tracking, data quality, due process, and quality of life.
• Social graph
• Social marketing
• Social search
• Social CRM
• Consumerization of IT and BYOD
• Mobile device management
• Mobile application development
• Responsive Web design
• Cyberlockers
• Expanded coverage of business analytics
• Machine learning
• Windows 8, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems
• Apps
• IPv6
• Microblogging
• Multitouch interface
• Siri
• Software-defined networking
• Tablet computers
• 3-D printing

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