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Management Information Systems (12th Edition)


Author: Kenneth C. Laudon

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Publish Date: January 14, 2011

ISBN-10: 132142856

Pages: 640

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

We wrote this book for business school students who want an in-depth look at how today’s business firms use information technologies and systems to achieve corporate objectives. Information systems are one of the major tools available to business managers for achieving operational excellence, developing new products and services, improving decision making, and achieving competitive advantage. Students will find here the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of information systems used by business firms today.

When interviewing potential employees, business firms often look for new hires who know how to use information systems and technologies for achieving bottom-line business results. Regardless of whether a student is an accounting, finance, management, operations management, marketing, or information systems major, the knowledge and information found in this book will be valuable throughout a business career.


The 12th edition features all new opening, closing, and Interactive Session cases. The text, figures, tables, and cases have been updated through November 2010 with the latest sources from industry and MIS research.
• Thirty video case studies (2 per chapter) and 15 instructional videos are available online.
• Additional discussion questions are provided in each chapter.
• Management checklists are found throughout the book; they are designed to help future managers make better decisions.
• Expanded coverage of business intelligence and business analytics
• Collaboration systems and tools
• Cloud computing
• Cloud-based software services and tools
• Windows 7 and mobile operating systems
• Emerging mobile digital platform
• Office 2010 and Google Apps
• Green computing
• 4G networks
• Network neutrality
• Identity management
• Augmented reality
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Freemium pricing models in e-commerce
• Crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds
• E-commerce revenue models
• Building an e-commerce Web site
• Business process management
• Security issues for cloud and mobile platforms

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