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Management 11th Edition

Management 11th Edition PDF

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Publisher: South-Western College Pub


Publish Date: January 24, 2012

ISBN-10: 111196971X

Pages: 720

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Book Preface

Management in preparation for their careers in business. Management continues to be used in hundreds of universities, graduate programs, community colleges, and management development programs throughout the world today. Indeed, the last edition of the book was used in over 40 countries and translated into several foreign languages. I’m extremely proud that the book has grown in popularity every year since its initial publication. In this eleventh edition, I have retained all the elements that have contributed to the book’s success in the past while also taking a clear look toward the future—the future of business, of management, and of textbooks.

Writing a survey book poses a number of challenges. First, because it is a survey, it has to be comprehensive. Second, it has to be accurate and objective. Third, because management is a real activity, the book has to be relevant. Fourth, it has to be timely and up-to-date. And fifth, it must be as interesting and as engaging as possible. Feedback on previous editions of the text has always suggested that I have done an effective job of meeting these goals. In this edition, I think these goals have been met even more effectively.

I believe that current and previous users of Management will be pleased with how we have retained the essential ingredients of a comprehensive management textbook while adding a variety of new elements and perspectives. I also believe that those new to this edition will be drawn to the solid foundations of management theory and practice combined with new and exciting material.


The eleventh edition of Management is a substantive revision of the earlier work. Rather than simply adding the “hot topics” of the moment, I continue to thoroughly revise this book with the long-term view in mind. There are significant revisions of key chapters; an increased emphasis on the service sector, ethics, global management, and information technology; and an integrated organization of chapters. These changes reflect what I believe, and what reviewers and employers have confirmed, students will need to know as they enter a brand new world of management. In addition, several integrated pedagogical features such as “Concept Check” will also prove to be invaluable.

Revisions in the Eleventh Edition

While the eleventh edition represents a comprehensive revision of the previous edition, there are also a number of specific changes that have been made. These include:

1. The text has been revised in numerous places to reflect and discuss the slow and sluggish recovery from the recent recession.
2. The text covers the unrest in the Middle East and its implications for business.
3. There is also coverage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and their impact on global business operations.

4. All data and statistics related to small business, international business, unionization, executive compensation, and other areas of business have been updated to the most current information available.
5. Over half of the chapter opening cases (“Management in Action”) are new; the others have all been revised and updated.
6. Over half of the chapter closing cases (“Management at Work”) are new; the others have all been revised and updated.
7. The eleventh edition includes a total of 44 boxed inserts (two per chapter). Thirty of these boxes are all new, and the others have been revised and updated.
8. There are over 150 new examples in the eleventh edition. In addition, those examples retained from the previous edition have all been checked for currency and continued applicability.
9. The latest research on international business, entrepreneurship, strategic management, decision making, organization design, organization change, individual behavior, leadership, teams, motivation, control, information technology, productivity, and quality management has been cited and integrated throughout the text.
10. All supplements have been updated to match these text changes, including the CourseMate website.

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