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Introduction to Oil and Gas Operational Safety

Introduction to Oil and Gas Operational Safety PDF

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Publisher: Routledge


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Book Preface

This book aims to provide a sound breadth of underpinned knowledge that will give the reader a foundation of understanding how to manage operational risks effectively within the oil and gas industry. It is aimed at those people who work, or who have aspirations to work, in the oil and gas sector either onshore or offshore.

This book mirrors the NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety syllabus, and anyone wishing to study for this qualification will find this book a useful element of their learning programme. It is recommended that such a learning programme should also include a tutor- supported course to enhance understanding of the subject matter. This can be either an eLearning or classroom course where interaction with highly experienced tutors will potentially greatly improve examination pass rates. Wise Global Training, as the author of this book, provides both types of training, and our contact details can be found in the introduction to the Revision and Assessment Guide on page 189. The book’s breadth of coverage and depth of understanding is the result of the quality of input from a team of highly qualified people with many years of hands- on experience working at the ‘well head’. The book’s style of writing portrays the author’s desire to convey a technically challenging subject in a way that most people, regardless of background, will find comfortable to read and absorb. Extensive use of case studies and uncomplicated explanations of various issues reflect this style.

In order that the reader can assess their understanding of the issues covered, we have included a number of assessment questions at the end of each chapter, the indicative answers to which can be found in the Revision and Assessment Guide section.

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