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Inorganic Chemistry, 6th Edition + Solutions manual


Author: Duward Shriver

Publisher: W. H. Freeman


Publish Date: January 1, 2014

ISBN-10: 1429299061

Pages: 830

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

From the fundamentals to the frontiers of research, this classic text offers an introduction to inorganic chemistry no other book can match. The new edition is most modern and most student-friendly yet, covering both the theoretical and descriptive aspects of inorganic chemistry in presentation that includes helpful new study tools and, as always, a captivating focus on experimental methods, industrial applications, and cutting-edge topics.

The eight chapters in this part of the book lay the foundations of inorganic chemistry. The first three chapters develop an understanding of the structures of atoms, molecules, and solids. Chapter 1 introduces the structure of atoms in terms of quantum theory and describes important periodic trends in their properties. Chapter 2 develops molecular structure in terms of increasingly sophisticated models of covalent bonding. Chapter 3 describes ionic bonding, the structures and properties of a range of typical solids, the role of defects in materials, and the electronic properties of solids. The next two chapters focus on two major types of reactions. Chapter 4 explains how acid–base properties are defi ned, measured, and applied across a wide area of chemistry. Chapter 5 describes oxidation and reduction, and demonstrates how electrochemical data can be used to predict and explain the outcomes of reactions in which electrons are transferred between molecules. Chapter 6 shows how a systematic consideration of the symmetry of molecules can be used to discuss the bonding and structure of molecules and help interpret data from some of the techniques described in Chapter 8. Chapter 7 describes the coordination compounds of the elements. We discuss bonding, structure, and reactions of complexes, and see how symmetry considerations can provide useful insight into this important class of compounds. Chapter 8 provides a toolbox for inorganic chemistry: it describes a wide range of the instrumental techniques that are used to identify and determine the structures and compositions of inorganic compounds.

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