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IMF Programmes in Developing Countries: Design and Impact


Author: Tony Killick

Publisher: Routledge


Publish Date: October 24, 1995

ISBN-10: 415130409

Pages: 224

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The Overseas Development Institute has a long-standing interest in studying—and improving—the ways in which the policies of international agencies impact upon welfare in developing countries, and this volume is a product of that interest. This, and its companion, follow from an earlier ODI project, which studied the impact of

International Monetary Fund policies upon developing countries, utilising information primarily from the 1960s and 1970s. The purpose here is to trace the extent to which the Fund has changed over the last decade and a half and to re-examine the impact of the adjustment programmes which it sponsors on the basis of more upto- date information.

I have considerably more than the usual help to acknowledge. Chapter 3 is the hard core of this volume and in preparing it I was extremely fortunate to have the help of outstanding assistants, Moazzam Malik and Marcus Manuel, who were my co-authors in an earlier presentation of some of the results in articles in The World Economy. I was no less fortunate in having the help of Ramani Gunatilaka in updating that work and subjecting it to further analysis. I should also offer special thanks to Graham Bird for his detailed comments on earlier versions of the text.

Much gratitude is also due to the UK Overseas Development Administration, which provided a grant to fund the research. The staff of the IMF were also generous, as they always are, in finding time to respond to my questions and providing documentation which would otherwise not have been easy to find. Margaret Cornell did her usual excellent job of editing the manuscript and Jane Horsfield did an immense amount of efficient work at all stages of the project, to bring it all into a condition fit to be shown to publishers.

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