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Human Sexuality (3rd Edition)


Author: Roger R. Hock Ph.D.

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: November 21, 2011

ISBN-10: 205225225

Pages: 663

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface


Seven principles have influenced me every step along the way in all my teaching and writings about human sexuality. Please take a minute to review these principles and keep them in mind as you read through this text.

Choice, Awareness, Responsibility

Personal Choice and Responsibility

An assumption in this text is that you are in charge of your personal sexual choices throughout your adult life, and that it is your responsibility to make decisions that are right for you, that you can feel good about, and that do not harm you or anyone else in any way.

Real-Life Relevancy

Every effort has been made to ensure that this text is relevant and meaningful to you. Human sexuality is not hypothetical, theoretical, or abstract; it is real. In this text, you will acquire information and knowledge that you will apply and use in your life.

Physical and Emotional Health and Wellness

This text is designed to focus on specific as well as general sexual health issues and to decrease your discomfort in seeking care and treatment for sexual problems, if necessary.

Authoritative Information

The content of this text is based on the most up-to-date, scientific research available at press time. You can be assured as you read that you are receiving accurate information on every topic discussed.

Critical Analysis of Research and Information About Sexuality

This text will provide you with the skills to evaluate intelligently and critically the vast amount of sexual information you receive from the media, your friends and acquaintances, and (maybe) your parents. It should come as no surprise to you that much of that information may be flawed or just plain wrong. This book will help put to rest any misconceptions you may have about sexuality and help you become an informed consumer of sexual information.

Awareness of and Respect for Sexual Diversity

The information in this text will strengthen your understanding of the complex sexual world around you and how you fit into it. Enhancing your respect for and appreciation of the range of human diversity is a major goal of this book.

Comfort With and Acceptance of Your Own Sexuality

One of the highlights of this book is a focus on the importance of developing your personal sexual philosophy. Developing a clear sense of your sexual identity, needs, desires, goals, and personal sexual rights will help you navigate toward a happy, well-adjusted sexual life. When you are faced with sexual situations, your sexual philosophy will guide you to make the choices that are right for you.

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