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Horngren’s Financial & Managerial Accounting, The Financial Chapters 6th Edition

Horngren’s Financial & Managerial Accounting, The Financial Chapters 6th Edition PDF

Author: Tracie Miller-Nobles, Brenda Mattison

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 20, 2017

ISBN-10: 0134486846

Pages: 984

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

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Chapter 1 Accounting and the Business Environment 1
Chapter 2 Recording Business Transactions 56
Chapter 3 The Adjusting Process 119
Chapter 4 Completing the Accounting Cycle 185
Chapter 5 Merchandising Operations 249
Chapter 6 Merchandise Inventory 326
Chapter 7 Internal Control and Cash 380
Chapter 8 Receivables 432
Chapter 9 Plant Assets, Natural Resources, and Intangibles 488
Chapter 10 Investments 545
Chapter 11 Current Liabilities and Payroll 578
Chapter 12 Long-Term Liabilities 619
Chapter 13 Stockholders’ Equity 671
Chapter 14 The Statement of Cash Flows 732
Chapter 15 Financial Statement Analysis 800
Chapter 16 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 859
Chapter 17 Job Order Costing 907
Chapter 18 Process Costing 961
Chapter 19 Cost Management Systems: Activity-Based, Just-in-Time, and Quality Management Systems 1028
Chapter 20 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis 1087
Chapter 21 Variable Costing 1142
Chapter 22 Master Budgets 1183
Chapter 23 Flexible Budgets and Standard Cost Systems 1265
Chapter 24 Responsibility Accounting and Performance Evaluation 1324
Chapter 25 Short-Term Business Decisions 1373
Chapter 26 Capital Investment Decisions 1426
Appendix A—Present Value Tables and Future Value Tables A-1
Appendix B—Accounting Information Systems B-1

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