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Her Alien Bully (Monster Bites Book 5)

Her Alien Bully (Monster Bites Book 5) PDF

Author: Michele Mills

Publisher: Monster Bites


Publish Date: August 19, 2022


Pages: 80

File Type: Epub, PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

“I’m here to see Horace Brimstone,” I tell the Creekan employee at the front desk. I tug at the hem of my sensible white shirt, nervous to take this meeting. But my dad’s entire business and livelihood depends upon my ability to talk this fearsome Hyrrokin into leaving Roger Monroe the hell alone.

I toss my hair over my shoulder and straighten my back, determined to see this through.

My satanic-looking bully from high school is now the CEO of a security consultation company? Horace is some sort of high-powered businessman who protects the financial interests of other rich beings and corporations? It seems impossible considering he’s only a year older than me and an asshole, but apparently it’s true.

The male at the desk looks at me with a blank face. “And you are…?”

My jaw clenches. “Cherise Monroe, human. I was born and raised on Omega 9.” Beings in the four sectors still have no idea what a “human” is and if they do know, they think we’re primitive. It really sucks. But I’ve recently returned from Salo with a brand-new degree in finance, so I lift my chin with new-found confidence. “I received a message to come here immediately to meet with Horace.”

The film over the male’s bulbous eyes narrows. “Mr. Brimstone, the owner of the company, is in meetings. He’s a very busy male.”

“But I was told to—”

He lifts a hand to cut me off as someone whispers in his ear. Then he nods and looks back at me. “Your name is on the approved list.” He waves a dismissive claw. “You will be escorted to the executive level so you can await Mr. Brimstone’s availability.”

“Availability?” I huff. This seems a little vague. I’ve got to see Horace immediately. My father has not been acting stable and I feel like his life is on the line here. And I’m the only family he’s got left.

The Creekan turns his back to me and greets another client as if I don’t exist. A quiet Surellian security guard steps forward and gestures for me to follow him to the lift.

“Sure. Fine,” I mutter under my breath and follow along. My heels click on the floor as we walk along. I couldn’t help myself—I haven’t seen Horace in ages, so I took time on my appearance this morning. I want to look professional, sexy and confident. Hopefully my short black skirt, tan heels and long-sleeved white shirt fit the image. Yes, I’m a big girl, but it’s amazing how shapewear can make my waist look smaller and keep my thighs from rubbing together.

The doors open and I enter with the guard. He programs the appropriate level and crosses all four of his red arms, two at a time across his chest. I reach up and twirl a strand of my long, blonde hair as I wait. Finally, we reach the “executive level” and the doors slide open again. The guard waves me along and remains behind in the lift as I step out. The doors slide closed and I’m all alone in a quiet entryway which opens to a large, impressive waiting area.

I step forward and greet the lone female employee at the gleaming main desk. “My name is Cherise Monroe. I’m here to meet with Horace Brimstone.”

The young, incredibly gorgeous Gravian secretary stares at me with zero expression, then glances down at her screen then gives me a haughty look. “You don’t have an appointment so I will see when Mr. Brimstone can fit you in. Take a seat.”

My fists clench. “Fit me in? What the hell? Does he want to meet with me or not? How long is this going to take? I wasn’t told I needed to make an appointment. I need to see him now.”

“He has several consults today, human,” she sniffs. “I will fit you in when I can.”

At that same moment the lift opens and a group of expensively dressed Creekan males stride into the waiting area. The secretary gives them a brilliant smile and steps around her desk to warmly greet these new guests. They all ignore me and she quickly escorts them into Horace’s office.

I let out a huff of irritation and wander over to the elegant seating area, positioned directly in front of a window framing an impressive view of the space station’s famous proximity to the glittering pink and purple gaseous nebula.

Dammit. The massive door to his office is firmly closed. Apparently the bullying is going to continue? I’m just expected to wait out here, no matter how long it takes until he decides he has time for me? This is how he treated me in high school and I feel like I’m being sucked back into all those messy feels, with the same male who made me upset back then still continuing his torment. And since he’s threatened my father he knows I can’t just leave.

I sit down, trying to remain patient while I wait.

But two hours later I’m livid. LIVID.

The three Creekans have exited the door to Horace’s office. Two more beings, another male Creekan and a female Xylan are waved in while I’m still stuck out here feeling like a fool. My stomach is growling and I’m thirsty and not once has this female offered me food or drink or anything to help soften the wait.

The secretary meets my impatient gaze from across the room and gives me a smirk in response.

Oh, that’s it.

I storm over to the desk. “If you can’t fit me in to see ‘his majesty’ within the next thirty minutes I’m leaving and my exit won’t be pretty,” I hiss.

Her eyes widen, then narrow with determination. “Last-minute walk-ins have to fit in between the existing schedule and as I already told you, Mr. Brimstone is very busy today.”

I lean forward. “Listen, if you don’t get off your arse and—”

My tablet starts blaring a familiar ring tone. A grumble escapes my throat. Luckily for this female, my best friend is messaging me in the midst of my rage incident. “Thirty minutes,” I snarl.

“Mr. Brimstone is busy. Maybe you can return tomorrow.”

I pull out my ringing tablet, turn my back on her and toss my long hair over my shoulder. “Thirty minutes,” I loudly warn as I stomp off.

How’re you doing? Have you met with him yet? Olivia asks.

I throw myself back into a seat by the window and message back, tapping on the screen, trying to calm down.

Olivia and I met in the Intergalactic High School that served the children of residents of the Omega 9 Garden District. And as my only human friend in said high school, she knows all the embarrassment I suffered because of this damn Hyrrokin, Horace Brimstone, my bully for three full years. She tried to intervene, but she didn’t have enough leverage to do much, but she never, ever thought it was right. In fact, she confronted Horace herself a few times, not that it helped, but she tried. Olivia was my hero. Everyone else in the damn school stayed out of Horace’s way and away from me too. I’m only here because he threatened my dad and demanded I show up at his door if I ever wanted any of this to go away.

No, he’s making me wait, I answer. The secretary out front is no help whatsoever, she’s starting to say that I should return tomorrow. I could destroy whole universes and demolish entire civilizations with my rage. If I have to wait any longer for his excellency to deign to give me a moment of his time, I’ll explode.

Uh oh, you hate to wait. Remember that time when we had to wait an hour to be seated at that fancy restaurant when you’d already made a reservation and then they gave us a table directly next to the restroom? You flipped out.

My lips twitch. I do not like being made to wait, especially for a guy threatening my family.

Reminder that your father isn’t the greatest male on Omega 9. Have you heard from your dad yet?

No, nothing.


I was the only human in our entire Intergalactic High School filled mainly with Xylan and Creekan and Gravian. All rich kids. Horace was the only Hyrrokin.

My dad ran a bar on the promenade.

Horace’s mom was a fancy diplomat.

Dad had managed to find an efficiency apartment within a tiny row of the famous Garden District that was technically underground housing. Our windows were at the ceiling and showed nothing but a view of feet moving as beings walked on the trail above. But I loved living there and spent a lot of time walking out in the garden trails, soaking up the simulated sunshine. Whenever I felt down, I could escape outside, which was always a blessing.

I went to school the richest kids on the space station. It’s weird when you’re middle class and everyone else in the school is fabulously wealthy. I could never afford to dress like them or go to all the extra classes or vacations. The entire school was on a sort of hierarchal system and the most popular crowd were the penthouse crew and because I lived at underground level my status at school was dead last.

I was born and raised on Omega 9. My mother left us when I was little and ever since it’s been the two of us. Not that it’s always been perfect. Dad has a gambling addiction that often gets the best of him and I had to be the adult in the situation. He had a business partner who helped keep his bar steady and us with a roof over our heads, but Dad’s partner recently retired and I left for university, and my father is really out-of-control lately.

Olivia and I left Omega 9 and went to university together on Salo. I was away from Dad for four long years. It was nice not having to care for him, but now I’m back and Dad’s life has taken a nosedive and here I am again, trying to rescue him. Story of my life.

I can’t believe I have to see this Hyrrokin again, I tap out. And why am I excited? Shouldn’t I be nothing but pissed off? I thought this guy was out of my life for good.

Excited? Since when are you excited about seeing your bully again?

I look up and notice the latest group of clients leave Horace’s office. I meet the gaze of that damn secretary.

She sucks in a sharp breath and stands up.

Gotta go. I tuck my tablet in my bag and stand up too.

We both race for the door at the same time but I’m faster.

“Nooo!” she shouts.

I get there just after the last client exits and before the door can close again I slip inside.

Then I come to a complete halt inside Horace’s office and stare at him with surprise.

I haven’t seen this satanic-looking male in four years and he’s even larger than I remember. Those same tall black horns. His perfect chest is still bare because Hyrrokin males don’t wear shirts, or shoes, for that matter. Red skin, silver-tipped claws and white fangs. His forked tongue makes an appearance. Hyrrokin also flash flame from a distended jaw. And there’s the black barbed tail.

He’s terrifying to most beings and yet I’ve never been afraid.

And dammit, he’s just as handsome as I remembered.


His deep voice instantly makes my panties wet. He’s always said my name with a slight hiss at the end, which I find sexy as hell.

The embarrassing part is I’ve always thought he was sexy. I’ve never admitted this to anyone, not even to Olivia.

“Mr. Brimstone, I’m so sorry,” his secretary pants from behind me. “This odd human did not have an appointment and I specifically told her to wait and return later.”

Horace stands from behind his desk and steps forward. His hot gaze starts at the top of my head and lowers down to my heaving chest, down my bare legs and up again to my face. “That’s enough,” he responds with a voice that could grind rocks. “Leave us alone and cancel all my other appointments for the day and for tomorrow too. I do not want to be interrupted. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she gulps and closes the door behind her.

I blow out a breath, ready to take this meeting.

I smooth out my skirt and I can’t help but wonder what Horace thinks of me now. I haven’t seen him in years. I basically look the same, just better hair and clothes. The last time I saw him, he was standing on the edge of a crowd, staring at me as I left to board a civilian transport ship for Salo. For once he wasn’t going to follow me.

What’s sad is that I haven’t forgotten him. But I’ve grown up a bit and I’m not going take any of his crap. He was my bully when I was younger, but I’ve grown up and things are not going to be the same. “Why did you make me wait out there in the waiting room for so long after sending me that message? That was rude. Were you even going to let me see you today? You’re just as rude as I remember. I see nothing has changed.”

“I didn’t know you were outside in the waiting area.”

“Liar. You’ve been making me wait out there for two hours on purpose.”

Smoke billows from his nostrils. “I do not lie, especially to you.”

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