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Handbook of Vitamins 5th Edition

Handbook of Vitamins 5th Edition PDF

Author: Janos Zempleni and John W. Suttie

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: July 29, 2013

ISBN-10: 9781466515567

Pages: 605

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

In keeping with the tradition of previous editions, the fifth edition of the Handbook of Vitamins was assembled to update and provide contemporary perspectives on vitamins in human nutrition. One of the challenges in assembling this volume was to cover all aspects of vitamin metabolism, including human requirements, clinical aspects of deficiency, vitamin-dependent cell signals and gene regulation, roles as coenzymes, and molecular events in genome stability and the epigenome. Our goal was to assemble the best available reference text on vitamins for an audience ranging from basic scientists to clinicians to advanced students and educators.

We were fortunate that the true leaders in vitamin research accepted our invitation to contribute manuscripts in their areas of expertise. Their outstanding contributions are the sole reason for the Handbook’s continued success. As editors, we were merely facilitating the review process. After long years of service on the editorial board, two of the previous members of the editorial board, Drs. Donald B. McCormick and Robert B. Rucker, decided to retire from the board after completion of the previous edition. They will be dearly missed and we wish to thank them for their continued help with manuscript writing and the review of individual manuscripts for this fifth edition. We are very pleased to have Drs. Jesse F. Gregory III and Patrick J. Stover agreeing to fill the vacant seats on the editorial board, starting with this fifth edition.

A number of meaningful changes have been made to this latest edition. A new chapter on genome stability has been added. The chapter on epigenetics has been completely rewritten. All vitamin chapters have been revised by at least 50%. The chapter on dietary reference intakes has been eliminated and intake recommendations are now embedded in the chapters of individual vitamins.

We would not have been able to complete this project without the help of colleagues such as Dr. Donald M. Mock, who helped by occasionally reviewing a manuscript, and Randy Brehm and Amy Blalock from the publisher’s office who excelled in ensuring a smooth process in all aspects of assembling this fifth edition of the Handbook of Vitamins.

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