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Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels, Second Edition


Author: Ioan D. Marinescu and Mike P. Hitchiner

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: February 8, 2016

ISBN-10: 1482206684

Pages: 750

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Today many machining operations are considered “old fashioned” processes. The last decade has brought new fashionable research topics including nanotechnology, alternative energy, and the latest is “additive manufacturing.”

Even additive manufacturing requires a finishing process as the dimensions and surface quality of the parts are not final due to the limitation of the process itself. This means that abrasive processes, and especially grinding, are still necessary for these new processes. At the same time the bulk of manufacturing processes for automotive industry and aerospace industry have not changed too much during the past 10 years.

Writing the second edition of the book, Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels, has been a challenge due to the fact that I insisted on keeping the same team of authors. Some of them retired, some received even more demanding responsibilities, and I am thankful that they agreed to work on the second edition of the book.

As you can see from the Preface to the First Edition, the team is well-known internationally and one with a reputation difficult to match. They brought to this book experience from their laboratories and from their work with industry, and this is a combination that makes this book useful for industry and academia.

Regarding the contents of the second edition, there is a significant new work on Abrasives in Chapter 5, on Bonds in Chapter 6, and Dressing in Chapter 7. In Chapter 8, Dynamics, there is a new figure showing classic stability lobes for grinding. Also a new method for tracking dynamic instability in centerless grinding is presented in Chapter 19. Chapter 20, on Ultrasonic-Assisted Grinding, includes a new section that contains recent work on modelling of the process. In Chapter 11, Process Monitoring, new material showing experimental results for in-process feedback to the grinding process was added. There are also changes in some other chapters. Some work on fluid cooling was added to Chapter 10, Coolants. Chapter 15, Grinding Machine Technology, presents many new examples, particularly for dressing. We appreciate very much the work Dr. Mike Hitchiner did on these chapters while facing conditions of serious illness.

I am particularly thankful to Dr. Brian Rowe who agreed in his retirement to put together and review all the chapters using his tremendous experience. Brian worked with the team for many years and he was also instrumental in putting together Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes, which was published in 2013 (second edition).

The first edition of the Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels was reviewed by the Abrasive Engineering Society and was considered the best comprehensive book on grinding after the Milton Shaw 1996 book. We are very proud of this review, and the second edition aims to be a better and more complete book.

Again, I would like to thank my coauthors and their families for taking the time to work on this second edition, at the time when all of us are getting older and having different priorities in our lives. But writing a new book makes each of us feel younger and useful to our profession and we hope to leave a good legacy.

Ioan D. Marinescu
July 2015
White Lake, Michigan

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