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Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won’t Have To Eighth Edition

Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won’t Have To Eighth Edition PDF

Author: Melanie Cullen and Shae Irving J.D

Publisher: NOLO


Publish Date: September 30, 2018

ISBN-10: 1413325661

Pages: 432

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book will help you get organized for  your own benefit and, eventually, for the  benefit of your loved ones. You’ll use it to complete a planner that contains everything  your caretakers or survivors need to know,  including critical personal, legal, and financial  information.

Your planner will be a thorough and easy-tofollow guide for your family and close friends.  With your planner in hand, your loved ones can  more easily step in and take care of things if you  become incapacitated or when you die.

Who Needs to Plan Ahead?
If you picked up this book, you’re probably  feeling the need to get organized. Or perhaps  you want to help someone else put things in  order—maybe an elderly parent or an ailing  friend. Any adult can benefit from making  a planner, even those without a lot of money  or property, but some people might find the  process particularly useful.

As we age, most of us feel some concern about  what would happen if we became ill and unable  to make our own medical or financial decisions.
And we wonder how our loved ones will take  care of things after we die. If you’re elderly,  making a planner can smooth the way for your  caretakers and survivors. You can gather together  your health care wishes, financial plans, legal  documents, and important personal information,  and arrange these things in a format that will  make sense to others. Those close to you will  likely view your planner as a small miracle—and  a wonderful gift.

People Facing a Serious Illness
If you are ill and concerned that at some point  you may no longer be able to care for yourself,  making a planner can help you find some peace  of mind. While you’re able, you can document  your wishes for medical care, name someone
to take care of your finances, write down what  you want to have happen to your property and  your body after death, and organize personal  information and important paperwork for your  family and friends. This book is designed to help  you organize things a little bit at a time, with  help if necessary; you can pick and choose the  issues that are most important to you.

Family Members and  Other Caretakers
If you are caring for an older or ailing person— you’re probably grappling with both strong  emotions and lots of practical tasks. You may  find it useful to help your family member or  friend complete a planner. It will probably be  a great relief to have personal wishes, financial  information, and important legal paperwork at  your fingertips

If you have been named as an agent for health  care or financial matters, executor of a will,  or successor trustee of a living trust, a good  planner will provide the framework that you  need to carry out your eventual responsibilities  in an orderly, informed way.

If you’re using this book to help someone  else make a planner, keep in mind that the  instructions are written primarily for people  who are making planners for themselves—but  there’s no reason you can’t use the instructions  to help another person through the process.

Parents and Young Adults
If you are young, you may want to use this book  to get off to a good start—getting and staying  organized. This book will show you how to  understand and keep track of your important  records, providing a solid foundation for years  to come.

If you have young children, this book can  help you ensure that they are provided for if  something happens to you. It alerts you to the  important documents you need and shows you  how to organize important information so your  wishes for your children will be carried out if  the need arises.

People Planning Travel  or Deployment
When we’re leaving town—especially if we’re leaving family for an extended period—many  of us think about what might happen if we were  injured, or worse, while away from home. This  book can help you get organized so that, when  you leave, you will know that your affairs and  records are in order and will be easily available  to those who may need to step in

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