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Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography (8th Edition)


Author: Robert W. Christopherson

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 8, 2011

ISBN-10: 321706226

Pages: 688

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

New to the Eighth Edition

Nearly every page of Geosystems’ Eighth Edition containsupdated material, new features, and new content in text and figures—far too many to list here. See the visual  Walkthrough of new features at the end of this Preface. Following is a sampling of the Eighth Edition’s features:

â–  Many figures are new or recast to improve student learning. There are more than 600 new photos and images bringing real-world scenes into the classroom. Our photo and remote-sensing program exceeds 750 items, integrated throughout the text.
â–  The 4 Part Openers and 21 Chapter Openers are redesigned with 24 new photos, the only exception being Chapter 12, with its new integrated map of the ocean floor. Each of these four parts, described on the back cover, features a new systems schematic that portrays the organization of the content; check these out on pages 36, 160, 294, and 524.
â–  Key Learning Concepts appear at the outset of each chapter, many rewritten for clarity. Each chapter concludes with a Key Learning Concepts Review, which summarizes the chapter using the opening objectives. New to this edition are integrated representative figures, photos, illustrations, and images highlighting each concept in the review.
â–  New to each chapter is an opening case study feature, Geosystems Now. These original, unique essays help focus interest on the chapter content. Geosystems Now topics for each chapter include:

1. Where Is Four Corners, Exactly?
2. Chasing the Subsolar Point
3. Humans Help Define the Atmosphere
4. Albedo Impacts, a Limit on Future Arctic Shipping
5. Temperature Change Affects St. Kilda’s Sheep
6. Ocean Currents Bring Invasive Species
7. Earth’s Lakes Provide an Important Warming Signal
8. The Front Lines of Intense Weather
9. Water Budgets, Climate Change, and the Southwest
10. A Look at Puerto Rico’s Climate at a Larger Scale
11. Earth’s Migrating Magnetic Poles
12. The San Jacinto Fault Connection
13. Human-Caused Mass Movement at the Kingston Steam Plant,Tennessee
14. Removing Dams and Restoring Salmon on the Elwha River,Washington
15. Increasing Desertification and Political Action—A Global Environmental Issue
16. What Once Was Bayou Lafourche
17. Ice Shelves and Tidewater Glaciers Give Way to Warming
18. High Latitude Soils Emit Greenhouse Gases
19. Species’ Distributions Shift with Climate Change
20. Invasive Species Arrive at Tristan da Cunha
21. Seeing Earth and Ourselves from Space

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