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Fundamentals Of Information Systems Security (Information Systems Security & Assurance Series)


Author: David Kim and Michael G. Solomon

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Publish Date: November 16, 2010

ISBN-10: 763790257

Pages: 514

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is part of the Information Systems Security & Assurance Series (ISSA) from (ones & Bartlett Learning ( Designed for courses and curriculums in IT Security, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, and Information Systems Security, this series features a comprehensive, consistent treatment of the most current thinking and trends in this critical subject area. These titles deliver fundamental information security principles packed with real-world applications and examples. Authored by Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs), they deliver comprehensive information on all aspects of information security. Reviewed word for word by leading technical experts in the field, these books are not just current, but forward-thinking— putting you in the position to solve the cybersecurity challenges not just of today, but of tomorrow, as well.

Part 1 of this book on information security fundamentals focuses on new risks, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with the transformation to a digital world. Individuals, students, educators, businesses, organizations, and governments have changed how they communicate and do business. Led by the integration of the Internet and broadband communications into our everyday lives, the digital revolution has created a need for information systems security. With recent compliance laws requiring organizations to protect and secure privacy data and reduce liability, information systems security has never been more recognized than it is now.

Part 2 is adapted from the Official (ISC)2 SSCPR CBK * Study Guide. It will present a high-level overview of each of the seven domains within the Systems Security Certified Practitioner certification. The SSCPR professional certification requires mastery of the following topics: Access Controls; Cryptography; Malicious Code and Activity; Monitoring and Analysis; Networks and Communications: Risk. Response, and Recovery: and Security Operations and Administration.

Part 3 of this book provides a resource for readers and students desiring more information on information security standards, education, professional certifications, and recent compliance laws. These resources are ideal for students and individuals desiring additional information about educational and career opportunities in information systems security.

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