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Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 5th Edition


Author: John McMurry

Publisher: Prentice Hall;


Publish Date: March 31, 2006

ISBN-10: 131877488

Pages: 976

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This textbook is designed to put chemistry in the context of the allied health sciences as well as the other disciplines in which an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and of living things is valuable. The coverage in this fifth edition has been developed with considerable input from the many instructors and students who have used our previous four editions.

To teach chemistry all the way from “What is an atom?” to “How do we get energy from glucose?” is a challenge. Throughout our general chemistry and organic chemistry coverage, the focus is on concepts fundamental to the chemistry of living things. In our biochemistry coverage we strive to meet the further challenge of providing a widely useful overview. Our goal is to provide enough detail for thorough understanding while avoiding so much detail that the students are overwhelmed. Practical and relevant examples are included to illustrate the chemistry and to facilitate student learning.

The material covered is ample for a thorough, two-term introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry. This edition retains our unique and well-received integrated biological chemistry sequence (described in greater detail below), which allows for the highest possible degree of flexibility. By varying the topics covered and the time devoted to them, the focus of the course can be adjusted to meet the needs of each instructor’s student population and the duration of the course.

Students in this course have their sights set well beyond academic concerns and the laboratory bench. They want to know why: Why must I study the gas laws? Why are molecules important to me as a nurse, soil scientist, or nutritionist? When they recognize the principles of chemistry at work in their daily lives, they can more readily appreciate how these same principles apply in their chosen careers. To engage these students in the subject matter, we write in a clear and direct style. We also provide straightforward diagrams, modern molecular models, and thoroughly explained solved problems.

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