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FTCE General Knowledge Test Study Guide

FTCE General Knowledge Test Study Guide PDF

Author: Cirrus

Publisher: Cirrus Test Prep


Publish Date: August 7, 2020

ISBN-10: 1635307708

Pages: 180

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Congratulations on choosing to take the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations: General Knowledge Test (GK) (082)! By purchasing this book, you’ve taken the first step toward becoming a teacher, an enriching and satisfying career.

This guide will provide you with a detailed overview of the FTCE General Knowledge Test (GK) (082), so you know exactly what to expect on test day. It will prepare you for all four of the GK subtests: Essay (825), English Language Skills (ELS) (826), Reading (827), and Mathematics
(828). We’ll take you through all the concepts covered on these tests and give you the opportunity to test your knowledge with practice questions. Even if it’s been a while since you last took a major test, don’t worry; we’ll make sure you’re more than ready!


The FTCE GK Test is used in the state of Florida to measure teacher candidates’ aptitude in mathematics, reading, language skills, and writing. You may take the subtests individually on separate dates, or you may take them all on the same date; either way you must complete all four subtests in order to pass the exam. While you may also be required to take other FTCE tests for specific academic subjects, the core subjects tested on the FTCE GK are essential for anyone entering the teaching profession.


The General Knowledge Test gauges college-level skills in mathematics, reading, language skills, and writing in accordance with the Common Core State Standards. Each test—Mathematics, Reading, English Language Skills, and Writing—is broken down into different categories based on the skills needed to succeed in a teacher preparation program.

The Mathematics (828) subtest focuses on numbers, algebraic thinking, geometry, and statistics and probability. A four-function calculator will appear on-screen when you are permitted to use one. You also will be provided a mathematics reference sheet with important formulas.
On the Reading (827) subtest, you will read and answer questions about fiction and nonfiction passages, which will be of varying length. Some will be paired. They may be taken from any kind of reading material an educated adult is likely to encounter, including novels, newspapers, magazines, articles on current events, and visual representations.

The English Language Skills (ELS) (826) subtest focuses on vocabulary, word choice and language structure. You will answer questions about the language used in specific sentences or short passages.
The Essay (825) subtest measures your ability to analyze purpose, production, and types of text, and your language and compositional skills. You will write one essay.
For all multiple-choice questions, you will select the best answer from either three or four answer options.


Your scores for the ELS, Reading, and Mathematics subtests become available on your online account within four weeks of the exam, although you will be able to see an unofficial score immediately upon finishing the subtest. You will be notified via email when they are released. It can take up to an additional two weeks to receive your scores from the Essay subtest. Once your scores are posted, they will only remain available for 60 days. Your FTCE GK scores will automatically be sent to the Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Certification; however to have them sent to a college or university, you must make a request when you register for the exam.

Each multiple-choice question is worth one raw point. The total number of questions you answer correctly is added up to obtain your raw score. Your raw score is then scaled. In order to pass the multiple-choice subtests, you must earn at least 200 points on each test.
Essay responses are scored on a holistic scale of 1 – 6 by two separate graders who are unaware of each other’s evaluations of your work. Their scores are added together for a total of 2 – 12; if the scores differ substantially, to ensure fairness a third scorer determines your final essay score. In order to pass the Essay subtest, you must score at least 8 points.

Scores are reported either as “PASS” or “NOT PASS.” If you receive even one “NOT PASS” on a subtest, you will not pass the General Knowledge Test.

Keep in mind that a small number of multiple-choice questions are experimental and will not count toward your overall score. ETS uses these to test out new questions for future exams. However, as those questions are not indicated on the test, you must respond to every question.
There is no penalty for guessing on the FTCE test, so be sure to eliminate answer choices and answer every question. If you still do not know the answer, guess; you may get it right!

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