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Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


Author: V.V.S. Rao and G.L. Sivakumar Babu

Publisher: Springer


Publish Date: August 30, 2015

ISBN-10: 8132223764

Pages: 552

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Forensic geotechnical engineering is about analysing the causes of failure, understanding what went wrong, why and when from the geotechnical point of view. The role of a forensic geotechnical engineer is often complex and needs to be comprehensive to satisfy technical and legal perspectives. Often, the geotechnical engineer is required either as a technical expert to understand the failure or as expert witness in the Court of Law. To develop guidelines in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering, learning from failures is an essential step and is the hallmark of good engineering practice. In this edited volume on advances in Forensic Engineering, a number of technical contributions from experts and professionals in this area are included. The work is the outcome of deliberations at various conferences in the area by Technical Committee on Forensic Geotechnical Engineering (TC 302) of International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (ISSMGE). The edited volume contains a few selected contributions on the topics relevant to forensic Geotechnical Engineering viz, (a) Evidence/data collection, (b) Distress characterization, (c) Use of diagnostic tests (laboratory and field tests), (d) Back analysis, (e) Failure hypothesis formulation, (f) Role of instrumentation and sensor based technologies, (g) Risk analysis and (h) Technical shortcomings.

The first two chapters are general and cover Framework for Forensic Foundation Engineering, by Prof. H.G. Poulos, Forensic Geotechnical Engineering—Theory and Practice by Dr. Suzanne Lacasse- Høeg and Dr. V.V.S. Rao presents general guidelines for Forensic Investigation of Geotechnical Failures. Caisson Failure Induced by Wave Action is addressed by Prof. Alonso and his co-workers.

Data Collection in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering Investigation is addressed by Dr. Peter Day, Diagnosis of Geotechnical Failure Causes Using Bayesian Networks is presented by Yao Xu and his colleagues. The role of Back Analyses in Geotechnical Engineering is addressed by G.L. Sivakumar Babu, Prof. Popescu and Dr. Richard Hwang. The role of instrumentation and monitoring for Forensic Geotechnical Engineering is presented by Prof. Yoshi Iwasaki.

Analysis of failures such as causes of undue movements of a retaining wall forming a deep basement in sandstone and consequent damage to an adjacent canal, failure of anchored retaining wall are studied by Jessep, Kazuya and their co-workers. The role of backwards problems in geotechnical earthquake engineering is examined by Dr. S. Iai and reanalysis of failure of underground construction is presented by Dr. B. Hsiung. Failure Analysis of slope slide as well as characterisation of failure at a large landslide are studied by Prof. Lee and Starr and others. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman presents a case study of Post-liquefaction Data Collection and Analyses for Earthquakes in New Zealand Prof. Leung presented some case studies in Forensics from Singapore.

A case study of failure due to Piping in Sand under a Dam and its Back Analysis and another failure in Construction of an Underground Station are presented by P. Sembenelli and Dr. Hwang. Dr. N. Santhosh Rao discussed the Influence of Vibrations on Installation of Bored Piles.

A case study of floor heaving of a condominium RC-Building with seven stories by Prof. Yoshi Iwasaki and his co-workers and failure Case Study of Tieback Wall in Urban Area, Korea by Prof. Jeong and Y.H. Kim are included.

Forensics of pile foundations subjected to earthquake-induced liquefaction and lateral spreading by Prof. Gopal Madabhushi and his co-workers, piping failure of a metro tunnel construction by Prof. Lee and his co-workers, forensic analysis of failure of retaining wall by Sivakumar Babu provide useful information.

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