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Flowers (Nature Explorers)


Author: DK

Publisher: DK Children

Publish Date: March 12, 2019

ISBN-10: 9.78147E+12

Pages: 64

File Type: DK Publishing

Language: English

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Book Preface

Looking at flowers It’s hard to imagine a world without flowers. Plants that have flowers grow almost everywhere, from gardens to high mountains. Every flower has a particular shape and color, so that it can perform a special job. By the time you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll know what this job is, and how the flower does it. Always ask permission before picking a flower.
Animal visitors Many flowers have lots of animal visitors throughout the day, or sometimes even at night. But what are these animals doing?

Read on, and you’ll find out.

What’s what? There is much more to a flower than just its petals. Later on, you can discover what else makes up a flower, and what all the different parts do.

This rose flower has a ring of five petals.
The pansy is a typical garden flower—big, bold, and bright.

Be careful while using scissors. Always ask an adult to help.

KEEPING A RECORD Using colored pencils and a drawing pad, keep records of flowers that you see. A magnifying glass is useful for looking at flowers close-up; scissors and tweezers will help you to investigate the parts of a flower. A notebook is the flower explorer’s most important piece of equipment. If you want a lasting reminder of a flower’s shape, you can learn how to press it.

Making seeds Once a flower has withered, it starts to make seeds. Some seeds come in juicy cases. We call them fruit. Later on, you will see how seeds are scattered, and how they turn into new plants.
Drawing flowers helps you


8 Looking at flowers

10 Flowers in close-up

12 Complicated flowers

14 Flowers with a difference

16 Plants that don’t flower

18 The life of a flower 20 Bursting into flower 22 Blooming colors

24 All about pollen 26 Animal visitors

28 Perfumed flowers

30 Floating in the wind

32 Seed story

34 Juicy fruits

36 Flowers from bulbs

38 Springing into life
40 A flying start 42 Garden flowers

44 Making flowers last

46 Woodland flowers

48 Tropical flowers

50 Grassland flowers

52 Waterside flowers

54 Mountain flowers

56 Seashore flowers

58 Desert flowers

60 Index

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