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Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making 8th Edition

Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making 8th Edition PDF

Author: Paul D. Kimmel

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: August 31, 2015

ISBN-10: 1118953908

Pages: 808

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Focus on the Accounting Cycle
To help students master accounting cycle concepts, we added (1) new, recurring illustrations that show students the big picture of the accounting cycle, (2) new comprehensive accounting cycle exercises and problems, and (3) new accounting cycle questions in the Test Bank and .

Student Practice and Solutions
New practice opportunities with solutions are integrated throughout the textbook and WileyPLUS course. Each textbook chapter now provides students with a Review and Practice section that includes learning objective summaries, multiple-choice questions with feedback for each answer choice, practice exercises with solutions, and a practice problem with a solution. Also, all learning objective modules in the textbook are followed by a DO IT! exercise with an accompanying solution.

In WileyPLUS, two brief exercises, two DO IT! exercises, two exercises, and a new problem are available for practice with each chapter. All of the new practice questions are algorithmic, providing students with multiple opportunities for advanced practice. WileyPLUS assessment now includes new narrative student feedback.
Over 3,500 questions, including new medium-level, computational, and accounting-cycle-based questions, are available for practice and review. is an adaptive study and practice tool that helps students build proficiency in course topics.

Updated Content and Design
We scrutinized all content to find new ways to engage students and help them learn accounting concepts.
A new learning objective structure helps students practice their understanding of concepts with DO IT! exercises before they move on to different topics in other learning objectives. Coupled with a new interior design, revised infographics, and the newly designed interactive chapter tutorials, the new outcomes-oriented approach motivates students and helps them make the best use of their time.

WileyPLUS Videos
Over 150 videos are available in WileyPLUS. More than 80 of the videos are new to the Eighth Edition. The videos walk students through relevant homework problems and solutions, review important concepts, provide overviews of Excel skills, and explore topics in a real-world context.
Real World Context: Feature Stories and Comprehensive Problems
New feature stories frame chapter topics in a real-world company example. Also, the feature stories now closely correlate with the Using Decision Tools problem at the end of each chapter. In WileyPLUS, real-world Insight boxes now have questions that can be assigned as homework.
More information about the Eighth Edition is available on the book’s website at


1 Introduction to Financial Statements 2
2 A Further Look at Financial Statements 44
3 The Accounting Information System 90
4 Accrual Accounting Concepts 150
5 Merchandising Operations and the
Multiple-Step Income Statement 214
6 Reporting and Analyzing Inventory 266
7 Fraud, Internal Control, and Cash 316
8 Reporting and Analyzing Receivables 374
9 Reporting and Analyzing Long-Lived Assets 422
10 Reporting and Analyzing Liabilities 478
11 Reporting and Analyzing Stockholders’
Equity 536
12 Statement of Cash Flows 590
13 Financial Analysis: The Big Picture 646
A Specimen Financial Statements:
Apple Inc. A-1
B Specimen Financial Statements:
Columbia Sportswear Company B-1
C Specimen Financial Statements:
VF Corporation C-1
D Specimen Financial Statements:, Inc. D-1
E Specimen Financial Statements:
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. E-1
F Specimen Financial Statements:
Louis Vuitton F-1
G Time Value of Money G-1
H Reporting and Analyzing Investments H-1

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