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Essentials of Taxation 2016: Individuals and Business Entities


Author: William A. Raabe

Publisher: William A. Raabe


Publish Date: 2015

ISBN-10: 1305395301

Pages: 994

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

South-Western Federal Taxation (SWFT) is the most trusted and best-selling series in college taxation. We are focused exclusively on providing the most useful, comprehensive, and up-to-date tax texts, online study aids, tax preparation tools, and research tools to help instructors and students succeed in their tax courses and beyond. SWFT is a comprehensive package of teaching and learning materials, significantly enhanced with each edition to meet instructor and student needs and to add overall value to learning taxation.

Essentials of Taxation: Individuals and Business Entities, 2016 Edition provides a dynamic learning experience inside and outside of the classroom. Built with resources and tools that have been identified as the most important, our complete learning system provides options for students to achieve success.

Essentials of Taxation: Individuals and Business Entities, 2016 Edition provides accessible, comprehensive, and authoritative coverage of the relevant tax code and regulations as they pertain to the individual or business taxpayer, as well as coverage of all major developments in Federal Taxation.

In revising the 2016 Edition, we focused on:

• Accessibility. Clarity. Substance. The text authors and editors made this their mantra as they revised the 2016 edition. Coverage has been streamlined to make it more accessible to students, and difficult concepts have been clarified, all without losing the substance that makes up the South-Western Federal Taxation series.

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Brief Contents:

Part 1: The World Of Taxation
Chapter 1 Introduction To Taxation 1-1
Chapter 2 Working With The Tax Law 2-1
Chapter 3 Taxes On The Financial Statements 3-1

Part 2: Structure Of The Federal Income Tax
Chapter 4 Gross Income 4-1
Chapter 5 Business Deductions 5-1
Chapter 6 Losses And Loss Limitations 6-1

Part 3: Property Transactions
Chapter 7 Property Transactions: Basis, Gain And Loss, And Nontaxable Exchanges 7-1
Chapter 8 Property Transactions: Capital Gains And Losses, Section 1231, And Recapture Provisions 8-1

Part 4: Taxation Of Individuals
Chapter 9 Individuals As The Taxpayer 9-1
Chapter 10 Individuals: Income, Deductions, And Credits 10-1
Chapter 11 Individuals As Employees And Proprietors 11-1

Part 5: Business Entities
Chapter 12 Corporations: Organization, Capital Structure, And Operating Rules 12-1
Chapter 13 Corporations: Earnings & Profits And Distributions 13-1
Chapter 14 Partnerships And Limited Liability Entities 14-1
Chapter 15 S Corporations 15-1
Part 6: Special Business Topics
Chapter 16 Multijurisdictional Taxation 16-1
Chapter 17 Business Tax Credits And Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax 17-1
Chapter 18 Comparative Forms Of Doing Business 18-1


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