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Essentials of Software Engineering 4th Edition

Essentials of Software Engineering 4th Edition PDF

Author: Frank Tsui, Orlando Karam

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Publish Date: December 19, 2016

ISBN-10: 9781284106008

Pages: 334

File Type: EPub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Essentials of Software Engineering was born from our experiences in teaching introductory material on software engineering. Although there are many books on this topic available in the market, few serve the purpose of introducing only the core material for a 1-semester course that meets approximately 3 hours a week for 16 weeks. With the proliferation of small web applications, many new information technology personnel have entered the field of software engineering without fully understanding what it entails. This book is intended to serve both new students with limited experience as well as experienced information technology professionals who are contemplating a new career in the software engineering discipline. The complete life cycle of a software system is covered in this book, from inception to release and through support.

The content of this book has also been shaped by our personal experiences and backgrounds—one author has more than 25 years in building, supporting, and managing large and complex mission-critical software with companies such as IBM, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MARCAM, and RCA; another author has experience involving extensive expertise in constructing smaller software with Agile methods at companies such as Microsoft and Amazon; and the third author is bilingual and has broad software engineering teaching experiences with both U.S. college students and non-U.S. Spanish-speaking students.

Although new ideas and technology will continue to emerge and some of the principles introduced in this book may have to be updated, we believe that the underlying and fundamental concepts we present here will remain.

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Since the publication of the third edition, the computing industry has moved faster toward service applications and social media. While the software engineering fundamentals have stayed relatively stable, we decided to make a few modifications to reflect some of the movements in software engineering, including the enhancements of teaching aids to this book. It is our goal to continue keeping the content of the book concise enough to be taught in a 16-week, 1-semester course.

The following is a list of major enhancements made for the fourth edition.

  • Discussion on kanban methodology in Chapter 5
  • REST distributed processing architecture in Chapter 7
  • Data design, analysis and “big data” in Chapter 7
  • Code reuse in Chapter 9
  • Cloud computing in Chapter 9
  • Sample team projects available online for students and instructors
  • Updated and enhanced instructor resources

In addition, we have made small modifications to some sentences throughout the book to improve the expression, emphasis, and comprehension. We have also received input from those who used our first, second, and third editions of the book from different universities and have corrected the grammatical and spelling errors. Any remaining error is totally ours.

The first, second, and third editions of this book have been used by numerous colleges and universities, and we thank them for their patience and input. We have learned a lot in the process. We hope the fourth edition will prove to be a better one for all future readers.

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