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Essential Speech and Language Technology for Dutch: Results


Author: Peter Spyns

Publisher: Springer


Publish Date: February 21, 2013

ISBN-10: 3642309097

Pages: 413

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Summarising a research programme that lasted formore than 6 years is a demanding task due to the wealth of deliverables, publications and final results of each of the projects concerned. In addition to the content-related topics, which interest scientists, research programmes also lead to new insights for policy makers and programme managers. The former want to discover advances in the state of the art, while the latter are eager to learn good practices in programme governance and management.

The STEVIN programme is no exception. In this work, the collaborators of each STEVIN R&D project have selected and summarised their scientific achievements. Even though the scientific accomplishments are the main focus of this volume, we have also added descriptions of some other particular aspects of the programme as a whole, such as its rationale, IPR management and the main conclusions of its final evaluation.

This volume is the result of a great deal of dedicated and hard work by many individuals, who, unfortunately, we cannot all mention by name as the list would be too long. We would first like to thank our colleagues of the Nederlandse Taalunie (NTU – Dutch Language Union), the members of the HLT steering board and the STEVIN programme office, the participants of the various STEVIN committees and related working groups, the project collaborators for their dedicated work and, of course, the funding organisations.

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