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Environmental Science

Environmental Science PDF

Author: Y.K. Singh

Publisher: New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers


Publish Date: December 1, 2006

ISBN-10: 8122418481

Pages: 319

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Education is a process of development which includes the three major activities, teaching, training and instruction. Teaching is social as well as a professional activity. It is science as well as art. Modern education is not in a sphere but it has a long and large area of study. Now a days most part of the world population is facing different problems related with the nature and they are studying the solutions to save the nature and global problems, but on the second hand we even today do not try to understand our local problems related to the nature. So for the awareness of the problems of nature and pollution the higher education commission has suggested to add the Environmental Science in the course of different levels.

Environmental Science is also well known as Environmental Studies in the Indian Colleges and Universities. Before that it was the part of the science but now a days it is a very common subject and higher education commission has suggested including it as a general paper in all the courses. Awareness in the field of environmental sciences is becoming a global talk. People worldwide are realizing its importance as they are able to smell a Polluted tomorrow. Careful handling of todays’ environment would only serve as a legacy for tomorrows’ generation. Hence, we need to be judicious in exploiting our resources optimally. To ensure a sustainable development we need to know something about how our environment works. Environment can be defined as the set of conditions that surround an organism or the complex of socio cultural condition that affect an individual. Environmental Science is the systematic, scientific study of the environment in combination with living organisms.

Most of the universities have introduced this new content as course of Environmental Science or Environmental Studies/Environmental Science in B.Ed. Course. The present book has been written by including some content of print and non-print media. Now this book is especially for modified syllabus of B.T.C./B.Ed./ M.Ed. of Indian & Foreign Universities/ Training Institute & Education Colleges Recognized by National Council of Teacher Education, New Delhi.

The author has consulted several books in designing, organizing and preparing the script of this book. I express my sense of gratitude to all sources which have been used directly or indirect1y for the instructional material and the sequence. The credit goes to my well-wisher, who has helped me in this attempt. I warmly acknowledge her assistance extended to me. The practical suggestions for the improvement and modification of instructional material and sequence for the text are most welcomed in this hope that book will prove useful to students and educators.

Dr. Y. K. Singh
AA-39, Suryodaya Vihar
Ansal Colony, Shastri Nagar
Kutti Chopla, Near PVC Mall, Meerut,
Uttar Pradesh, India
E-mail: [email protected]

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