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Encyclopedia of Marine Science (Science Encyclopedia)


Author: C. Reid Nichols and Robert G. Williams

Publisher: Facts on File


Publish Date: November 1, 2008

ISBN-10: 816050228

Pages: 626

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of marine science, the authors decided that a subject approach is more appropriate than a discipline-based one. Encyclopedia of Marine Science contains approximately 600 entries, arranged alphabetically to enable the reader or researcher to find major marine science topics and concepts easily. The authors describe the essence or fundamental character of each headword as a word picture. The index also provides a detailed listing, which supports research across many disparate topics relevant to oceans, marginal seas, and estuaries. For many closely related marine science topics, entries include cross-references to related topics and links to online information. There are more than 150 black-and-white photographs, charts, or diagrams that complement selected entries. The authors have considerable experience working with other scientists on projects directly relevant to the coastal ocean. They have both taught oceanography courses and have worked together as oceanographers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and on a variety of projects for industry relevant to waves, tides, and currents. Their backgrounds and interests in operational oceanography make the Encyclopedia of Marine Science particularly applicable to operators who consider environmental factors in their decision making. Several contributors to the encyclopedia come from industry, academia, and government. Various marine technologists have supported this work through technical reviews and by providing background materials. Consequently, some entries include exciting essays about marine technology and suggestions for further reading. References include the name of the author, title of the work, and year of publication. Print and Web resources, many of which were used in completing this work, are either provided within the entries or in an appendix. The full name of a contributor author and his/her professional affiliation can be found in the list of contributors in the front matter. In selecting the topics, the authors made every effort to remain unbiased and to provide the reader with a representative and contemporary view of marine science.

In this work, the authors have attempted to compile a comprehensive alphabetical treatment of marine science. This work is unique because it greatly expands upon the many important terms that are generally found in oceanography or oceanology encyclopedias. This work provides descriptive definitions for many terms that could be found only by reading numerous Earth science reference books and glossaries. The scope of this volume includes applied science, engineering, and technology disciplines. The Encyclopedia of Marine Science has been written for high school and college students, mariners, teachers, scientists, engineers, librarians, and anyone with an interest in the field. This material is intended for use by a range of readers, students to professionals, young and old, and everyone who sails the seas or just walks the beach.

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